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MMQB: Allen Robinson is the Best PSU Player Since (BLANK)

This discussion was Jared's idea. Be mad at him.

Justin K. Aller

This isn't really a question, it's more of a fill in the blank. However, I've taken approximately 4,284 quizzes and tests in my life, and for some reason, fill-ins are considered questions so whatever.

Allen Robinson is amazing. One of the subplots of Saturday's win over Purdue was that Robinson broke his own record for receptions in a season, and he has an outside chance of getting 100 receptions on the season if a few things go his way. If he isn't already one of the greatest players in Penn State history, he's on the verge.

It raises this question: Allen Robinson is Penn State's greatest player since...who? If you're looking at just offensive players, is it Evan Royster? Derrick Williams? Zack Mills? If we're including defensive players, is it Sean Lee? Paul Posluszny? Tamba Hali? Someone sooner?

Penn State has had some great players. Allen Robinson is absolutely one of them. Here's your official bolded question:

Allen Robinson is Penn State's best player since who? Where would you rank him among Penn State's greatest players of all time? What does he need to do to become Penn State's greatest football player of all time, if he isn't already?

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