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Success With Hyperlinking Has Moxie

Bring it, haters.
Bring it, haters.
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In case you missed it, former walk on Penn State QB Matt McGloin led the Oakland Raiders to their first road win in a while in his first start on Sunday. The good performance wasn't much of a surprise to McGloin, of course, nor to PSUers--nor to Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis, who, every year, enters a pool with old friends, guessing which free agents at Raiders training camp will make the initial roster:

For seven straight years, Davis beat Atkinson, Brown and others. Then, this year, he had an inkling about the "camp arm" brought in from Penn State, despite the presence of several more high-profile undrafted free agents.

McGloin was uncharacteristically (well, compared to early McMoxie) humble about his performance, saying that "This is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." And also, this happens:

Unfortunately for many fantasy football owners, though, his presence on the field wasn't that helpful, though he did look pretty sharp in his post game presser.

In bulletin board news, maybe Darrell Hazell should stick with...something else.

At last week's press conference, Purdue's first year head coach unwittingly issued a challenge to the Penn State offensive line. They may not have put up the numbers that Iowa or Wisconsin did against the Boilermakers, but with almost 300 yards and the most rushing attempts in over eight years (and, subsequently, PSU's most first downs since 2005), it's safe to say the offensive line stepped up to the challenge.

Onto the video tape...

Now, I don't want to read anything into this...but Robinson does mention sending these guys out on a good note. Not himself...these guys. OMG HE'S STAYING!

In scores of other games...RSJR DT Kyle Baublitz announced that he's foregoing his final year of eligibility, and will instead embark on the path of a high school teacher (mad respect)...Thomas Holley, anyone? It looks like the four-star high school senior DT may be slowly edging towards picking the Nittany Lions...The CDT's Walt Moody can't make up his mind--first defenders are full of excuses, then he's a defender...The Lady Lions basketball team came on strong, but it was too late in Sunday's game to overtake the #1 UConn Huskies (booo, Geno Auriemma)...A bipartisan pair of state senators plan on introducing legislation tomorrow in the PA Senate calling for Penn State BOT Reform. Who says the two parties can't get along? Both sides of the aisle hate the board!

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