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Success With Hyperlinking Reminds You To Always Do The Right Thing

Your Thursday links, they're HOT HOT HOT

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First, a Public Service Announcement - For those of you student football season ticket holders thinking of eschewing the Nebraska game in favor of going home this weekend to get an early start on your Thanksgiving, Onward State has a PSA for you. #1 on the list should be reason enough for you to change your mind. Otherwise, you need a good talking to from "The Mayor."

Christian Hackenberg = Penn State's Keanu Reeves - I don't want to say that Christian Hackenberg is the 'chosen one' whose steadfast commitment may have saved the future of Penn State football, but Christian Hackenberg probably is the 'chosen one' whose steadfast commitment may have saved the future of Penn State football. Lindsey Schnell at wrote an excellent longform post delving into Hackenberg's family and how his parents shaped him into the man he is swiftly turning into before our eyes. Here's a tasty appetizer for you (before you click on the link):

"It felt like we had all been shot in the heart," Erick Hackenberg says. "As a parent, you feel so helpless, but when Stan (Sickels, father of DE Garrett Sickels) stood up, he said what all of us were thinking: 'My son wants to be here. One guy is not tearing this all down. There's too much tradition, too much history. This place stands for more than one person.' We were all crying." Up front, Christian Hackenberg huddled with the other recruits.

Ah Yes, Those Giant Assholes In The Room - Buzz Bissinger spoke at Penn State Berks campus last night. John Ziegler and about 20 of his devoted followers were there as well. I'm sure you can guess what ensued before even clicking on the link. (via The Reading Eagle)

David Jones Is Optimistic About PSU's Chances over Nebraska - No, seriously you guys, here's proof. Nonetheless, I advise you brace yourself for an "I knew Nebraska was going to pull it out before the game even started" post if Nebraska ends up winning.

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