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BSD Prediction Roundtable: Nebraska

The staff looks into their crystal ball for results against the Huskers.

Mr. Fucking Blue Sky is living here today. Hey! Hey!
Mr. Fucking Blue Sky is living here today. Hey! Hey!

Now that they've passed the last "sure" win against Purdue, everything from here is gravy. I've been going back and forth on this game, but playing at home has produced magic more often than not the last two years. Last year's senior day ended with an improbable victory and history may repeat itself.

Penn State's defense this year will never be confused with Michigan State, but they are better against the run than the pass and the crowd will provide noise to help disrupt the Huskers. I think Hack and the offense may finally be able to consistently put points on the board at the end of drives. If the Lions can avoid turnovers and maybe pick up a few of their own O'Brien might be celebrating with the student section again following either a missed game-winning field goal attempt by Nebraska or a make by Ficken to end the game.

Penn State 37 - 35

bscaff: "Ameer Abdullah ran for a buck twenty on Sparty last week."

//squints like Clint Eastwood.

//shakes head

Nebraska 35 - 31

Bill: I share bscaff's pessimism because of how terrifying Ameer Abdullah is. He ran for 120+ on Sparty! SPARTY!!! They may have the best defense in America and we, um, don't. By any metric.

I think Abdullah goes medeval on us. Like, 180+ and 4 TD's. I'm not kidding. He's a freak of nature, and Nebraska's offense sets him up perfectly to run all over anyone, especially a team as meh defensively as Penn State.

The only guy who I think can make me eat my words is Christian Hackenberg. This is the last home game of his freshman year, and perhaps the last game of his favorite target's career. If Hack gets it going, I can absolutely see Penn State winning. I just don't think Penn State can win a slowed down, grind it out game against a team as stout as the Huskers.

Since this is Nick's final home game as a student, too, I don't think anything bad happens to him. Unless I see him after the game. Then I may strangle him (if we lose, of course).

Nebraska 38 - 24

Cari: I’d like to win one of three before this budding rivalry goes on hiatus again with the realignment (especially since we really should have won the last two), but I’m not confident. I’m not sure if this one will go to no overtimes or three, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a close one. If it was on the road, I’d think we’d get blown out of the water; since it’s at home, on senior day, and since we match up pretty well with the Huskers, I think we keep it close. But in the end, the defense is too thin, Ameer Abdullah is too good, and their defense will probably have our offense’s number one too many times as Hack tries to drive us down for the game winning score in the final seconds.

Nebraska 31 - 28

From the podcast:

Jared: Penn State 33 - 30 (2OT)

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