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MMQB: We Goin' Bowlin'?

What better way to kick off your week than addressing (likely untrue) Internet rumors?

J. Meric

So we've all seen the Internet rumor by now: George Mitchell will submit his report -- which he presented last week -- the NCAA will look at it, they will go "Hey! Penn State isn't a terrible place!" (SHOCKER), and the bowl ban will be lifted sometime next week.

Penn State will go to some shit bowl that, sadly, isn't the Russell Athletic Bowl, ratings will be through the roof, blah blah blah, Penn State looks good, the NCAA looks "good." Everyone wins...or something.

However, when Mitchell presented his most recent report to the Board of Trustees on Friday, this happened:

In the words of the Double Rainbow guy, what does this mean? I'm not one to put words into someone's mouth, but it would appear that this means we're not going bowling this year, but we will next year, right? LET'S GET BOLD.

Is Penn State going to a bowl game in 2013? If so, which one? If not, will they next year? What is an acceptable punishment for those who post false rumors on teh interw3bz that get everyone's hopes up?