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BSD MVP Week 13 - The 2013 Seniors

A simple 'thanks' wasn't enough, you are, and always will be our MVPs!

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

2013 Penn State Nittany Lion Seniors

Kyle Baublitz Bryan Davie Ty Howle Stephen Obeng-Agyapong
Kevin Blanchard Brandon Felder DaQuan Jones Eric Shrive
Alex Butterworth Garry Gilliam Alex Kenney John Urschel
Glenn Carson Adam Gress Matt Lehman Malcolm Willis
Pat Zerbe

Sure the 2012 Senior class was something special, they were the class that helped save Penn State football, but the 2013 class is special in their own unique way. These seniors came back knowing they won't get to play in any postseason for two years. Half of their time in a Nittany Lion uniform was spent as punishment they didn't deserve for crimes they had nothing to do with. They all could have walked away free and clear and no one would have blamed them...but they didn't, they stayed in one of the worst times in Penn State history and did everything they were asked.

A lot of them were asked to change positions not because it was a better fit for them, but out of necessity thanks to a lack of depth due to the sanctions. While they had success on the field, it was their work in the classroom that sets them apart. By the end of the sprig semester in 2014, the 17 seniors will earn a combined 22 degrees. 10 of them have a cumulative GPA higher than 3.0 and 8 members of the senior group entered 2013 with a Penn State degree already in hand.

Thank you Seniors!  You didn't turn your back on us, the Penn State community won't forget that ever.

Also Considered:

Zach Zwinak - Zwinak carried the ball a whopping 35 times but still managed 4.3 yards per carry. I'm sure double Z was sore and tired on Sunday but I'm even more sure the Nebraska defenders woke up with limp arms because Zwinak tore through arm tackles like a bowling ball through wet tissue paper all day. There were plenty of missed tackles Saturday and that had nothing to do with Zach's moves, the dude was a battering ram.

Allen Robinson - Come on, what MVP list would be complete without ARob? Sure he made a few mistakes but he was his typical self, hauling in 8 passes and breaking the century mark, again, with 106 yards.

The Fans - You guys, give yourselves a hand! You showed up in 10 degree weather, at the beginning of the Thanksgiving break, to watch a football team that's barely .500. You were put through the emotional ringer too but you showed up in droves, you stayed late, and you cheered your frozen asses off. Great job!

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