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BSD Prediction Roundtable: Wisconsin

The staff looks into their crystal ball for results against the Badgers.

BERT! Gone but not forgotten.
BERT! Gone but not forgotten.

I'm going to honest, outside of their game against Ohio State and the clusterfuck at the end against Arizona State, I haven't watched any of Wisconsin. They're good and they no longer have a walking punchline at the helm, so it's not as much fun to watch them. Unfortunately, this won't be much of a contest, I'm hoping Penn State can keep it respectable unlike the road trips out to Indiana or Ohio State this year. The offense can probably put up a few points, but Wisconsin will abuse the defense with Abbrederis.

In other news, Ohio State opened as a 14-point favorite against Michigan, Wisconsin over Penn State opened ten points higher, and Urban Meyer will lap that easily destroying the Wolverines to impress voters and embarrass their rival.

Wisconsin 52 - 27

bscaff: Nope - I'm pulling a "Billy". You, friends, can yell for me to "get to da chop-ah!", but I'm not going. I'm gonna stand bare chested on a giant log spanning a bottomless gorge, drag a 16-inch knife across my chest, and wait for the big, ugly, alien sonnofabitch to fight me. And I will lose.



Wisconsin 34 - 17

Bill: BARF. I have zero faith in Penn State on Saturday. I'm not totally sure why, but I don't. Maybe it's because Wisconsin is insanely good. Like, they could be 11-0 right now if they didn't get screwed out of the Arizona State game/if they didn't derp away the Ohio State game (NOTE: they didn't derp away the OSU game, the Buckeyes are just better, I just really hate OSU).

I wholly expect Melvin Gordon to go off against Penn State's defense. He's a bad, bad man, and everyone knows that being a running back for Wisconsin guarantees you run behind a monster o-line. Look for Gordon and James White to plow through the Nittany Lion defense early and often, and for the two of them to control the game for Wisconsin/wear down Penn State's defense. As for the offense, I think Allen Robinson gets 11 receptions, giving him 100 on the year,'s it. But hey, Bill Belton and Zach Zwinak will be alright!

Since this is the last game of the year, I want something especially awful to happen to Nick. So I wish the most awful thing I can think of: Nick cuts his finger and accidentally gets lemon juice in it. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Wisconsin 44 - 24

From the Preview:

Jared: Wisconsin 42 - 17

From the Podcast:

Dan: Wisconsin 49 - 14

Cari: Wisconsin 41 - 14

Adam: Wisconsin 35 - 14

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