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BSD Mailbag 11.06.13

You've got questions, BSD has answers.

Jamie Squire

How do you envision the remaining games on Penn State's schedule playing out? psualum9931
I think they will finish 7-5. I see a tough loss on Saturday. The game will be similar to Illinois and Michigan, but this time the ball doesn't bounce our way when we really need it. After that a big win against Purdue, followed by another thrilling victory over Nebraska. I'm not very impressed with the 'Huskers this year, and between the emotions of Senior Day and just plain bad luck against Nebraska the last two seasons, this one will finally go the Nittany Lions way. I don't see any way this team escapes Wisconsin with a win. They will need to completely shut down the Badgers vaunted ground attack and hope that Stave has an awful day.

Do you think that the additions of Rutgers and Maryland will weaken the BIG any further? mike.shull.37
Unfortunately, yes. These two teams were added because of what they bring in terms of media markets, not because of their success on the field. Even if both programs continue to improve, the national perspective of the B10 will just continue to drop.

Do you find yourself thinking “I don’t think Big 10 officiating could possibly get any worse” each and every Saturday? And then find yourself dumbfounded when you are thinking the same exact thing the very next week? psuphysicist
Nope. I expect them to always be terrible, and they always prove me correct. The officiating in this conference has been a complete disaster for more than a decade. I never got into any conspiracy theories about the B10 refs being anti-Penn State, because they are terrible in every game, with every team.

How long has the BIG flagged the intent to commit a penalty? I ask because John Urshcel attempted to hip check an Illinois defender and whiffed completely, but was penalized 15 yards for tripping (which I guess was his intent). If you try to hold someone, but don’t make contact is it still holding? vern05
I've actually seen players get called for a failed attempt at tripping a handful of times in both college and the NFL. Actually, I'm not even sure I've seen anyone actually get tripped when a tripping penalty was thrown. The tripping motion is pretty obvious, so it may be unique in that it's the only thing you can get flagged for without even making contact.

Grinder, Hero, Hoagie, Sub: Rank those four slang terms for a sandwich from “most acceptable” to “least acceptable.” Bill DiFlippo

1. Grinder
2. Hoagie
3. Sub
4. Hero

These ranking are purely based on the lingo of several eateries I frequent, and how much I enjoy each said eatery. Call it whatever you want, but any of the above mean I'll be eating a huge stack of meat and cheese on freshly-baked bread. That's always a winning situation in my book.

Also, Bill- thank you for reminding me of this song.

How long until Gisele files for divorce and takes a ride on the West Scranton Express? MainLion
Never. Matt McGloin will find his own supermodel and doesn't need Tom Brady's leftovers, thank you very much.

Tina Fey or Olivia Wilde? psualum9931
How does one even begin to come up with an answer? You either get to choose between the most beautiful woman on the planet, or the downright coolest (and also very attractive) woman on the planet?? If you find yourself with either of these women, you obviously did something very right.

Was it a mistake to start Hack this year? No doubt he’s been good, but QBs tend to peak at about midway through their 2nd year of starting in a given system. Would he and/or PSU be better off with a year of learning? ckmneon
Nope. Hack gives this team the best chance to win, therefore he should be the starter. Ideally, it would be fantastic to have him sit and learn for a couple years while an upperclassman, Heisman Trophy-candidate shows him the ropes and teaches him how to handle himself during a national championship run. That's obviously not the case, so Hack gets to learn on the fly.

Is the worst win ever better than the best loss? Former_DC_Buck

I'm not one to complain about a win ever, but I will go ahead and say yes. I'll use the 1997 Minneosta game as my example. Penn State was ranked number one in the nation, and basically lucked their way into a 16-15 victory at home against a really bad Minnesota team. It was a thrilling victory because they pulled it out when all appeared lost, but afterwards the writing was on the wall that they were probably not going to finish the season as national champions. Now say Penn State would have played to the best of their abilities in Columbus a two weeks ago and ended up losing on a last-second Ohio State field goal. I'd say when you compare two very extreme cases, a "good" loss would be better than a "bad" win.

Oh who am I kidding? Losing always sucks.

The most fun you can have....with just two fingers and a thumb:Bowling or something else? TonyLion
Everything I do in life, I do with eight fingers and two thumbs so I'll say it's definitely not bowling.