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BSD's Big Ten Challenge/Thursday Night Open Thread Week: 11

Come join us for our Thursday night open thread!

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Hey you there.. BSD reader... are you a football fan? I mean a fan of the game not just a Penn State fan? You are?!! Well do I have a deal for you. If you are new to the blog or new to this post, every Thursday night I try to entice you to sit back, drink a beer, watch the Thursday night game and discuss it with us here on this open thread. Sometimes it's a tough sell because, usually, teams that play on Thursday nights are in the second-tier of college football. That doesn't always mean a bad game, but let's face it sometimes it does.

Not this week oh football fan, this week I have a deal you can't refuse. Tonight at 7:30 we have a match-up of two top-10 teams!! No 10 Oklahoma travels to take on No.. 6 Baylor on FOX Sports 1. How much would you expect to pay for that? But wait, there's still more! On some Thursday nights there's a west coast-game and tonight is no different. Now I know what you're saying "But Galen, they start at 10:30 and I have to get up for work*." I hear you, and I'm here to help. If you buy now, we'll throw in the west coast game absolutely free AND we'll move it to a starting time that everyone can enjoy. It starts at 9:00 PM and it's on ESPN, now how much would you expect to pay??!! A thousand dollars? One Million dollars? Elventybillion dollars? Hold on there's still more!! We'll not only move the game to 9, we'll not only give you an early game with two top-10 teams but if you are one of the next 4 million viewers, we'll throw in No. 3 Oregon at No. 5 Stanford as the west-coast game!!!! You get 4 top 10 teams in two games with reasonable start times all for the low-low price of FREE!!!!**

This is going to be the best Thursday night in the history of ever!!!

I'm excited! On to the picks....

Last Week's Results

Galen 6 0
Cari 6 0
Nick P. 6 0
Devon 5 1
bscaff 5 1
Dan 5 1
Jared 5 1
Chad 5 1
Bill 5 1
BSD Readers 5 1
Nick 5 1
Tim 5 1

Not much change, Indiana was the main culprit that tripped most up. Moving on...

Yearly Totals

W L Win %
Devon 61 10 85.9
Dan 60 11 84.5
bscaff 60 11 84.5
Jared 58 13 81.7
Nick P. 57 14 80.3
Galen 57 14 80.3
Chad 56 15 78.9
Nick 55 16 77.5
BSD Readers 55 16 77.5
Bill 55 16 77.5
Cari 55 16 77.5

Cari is now officially in a four-way tie for dead last along with you BSD faithful. I managed to move my way up one notch but things are pretty stable.

This Week's Games

Sat 11/09/13 Penn State @ Minnesota TCF Bank Stadium 12:00 PM ESPN2
Sat 11/09/13 Iowa @ Purdue West Lafayette, Ind. 12:00 PM
Sat 11/09/13 Illinois @ Indiana MEMORIAL STADIUM 3:30 PM
Sat 11/09/13 Nebraska @ Michigan Michigan Stadium 3:30 PM ABC
Sat 11/09/13 BYU @ Wisconsin Camp Randall Stadium 3:30 PM ESPN

Nebraska - Michigan is anybody's guess at this point and the same could probably be said for Indiana - Illinois. BYU has an outside shot but Purdue is definitely looking ahead to basketball season at this point.

This Week's Picks

Galen Penn State Iowa Indiana Michigan Wisconsin
Jared Minnesota Iowa Indiana Michigan Wisconsin
Devon Penn State Iowa Indiana Michigan Wisconsin
Bill Penn State Iowa Indiana Michigan Wisconsin
Cari Minnesota Iowa Indiana Michigan Wisconsin
bscaff Penn State Iowa Indiana Michigan Wisconsin
Nick P. Minnesota Iowa Indiana Michigan Wisconsin
Dan Penn State Iowa Illinois Nebraska Wisconsin
Nick Penn State Iowa Indiana Nebraska BYU
Chad Penn State Iowa Indiana Michigan Wisconsin

Would you look at that, the only game we all agree on is Iowa. Nick sticks his neck out and takes BYU and we have some serious uncertainty about the men in Blue and White. We're heavy on Michigan but not certain, and Dan's a Beckman believer. Now on to your pics...

*I, however, do not have to get up tomorrow thanks to a 4-day weekend. Best Thursday ever indeed.

**ok, technically it's the cost of your cable/dish package but you get what I mean

My Ballot Box
Penn State @ Minnesota

Iowa @ Purdue

Illinois @ Indiana

Nebraska @ Michigan

BYU @ Wisconsin

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