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BSD Mailbag 12.13.13

Our weekly As to your Qs.


Will David Taylor have a non-bonus point decision this year or will he major, tech fall, deck or receive a forfeit in all his matches?--James

Taylor will go down as the best collegiate wrestler to only win two National Titles, and it won't even be close. I think he gets bonus points in all of his matches this year--and I don't think he's the only one. I see the same thing happening with Ed Ruth, starting with his first match back this week versus OSU.

I know it's not signing day yet... but when should we know more about how BO’B is using the scholarships available for next year, etc.? Do you expect that some scholarships will be reserved for deserving run-on players from this year?--Raoul69

We should know something around signing day, but even then we won't know a whole heckuva lot, because there will likely be some unforeseen attrition, a la Zayd Issah this past year. But, regardless of what happens, I definitely think there will be scholarships handed down to some run ons, because we already were below the NCAA-mandate this past year, and we can't be up to the mandate next year--and we know that we're losing 17 seniors (plus one Tyler Ferguson).

Which B1G newcomer will have more success in football next year?--pkloa

Neither, because the Big Ten is a power conference and neither of the newcomers will be able to compete ever, and will be perennial bottom feeders.

/watches Maryland compete for title in 2014 and Rutgers play for B1G championship in 2015

//conference is still universally derided despite the exact same thing happening in the SEC

In seriousness, I have no clue. I think Maryland is trending up now, but has had inexplicable injury issues these past few years under Edsall. Rutgers has been recruiting pretty well but for whatever reason hasn't been able to translate that into on-field success. I see them both hovering around 3-4 conference wins for a few years, and that seems somewhat generous to me.

Who gets the starting nod at tailback against UCF to open the 2014 season in Dublin? Also, what offensive and defensive players will rise to prominence in 2014, other than the established contributors we’ve seen in 2013?--Ethan Henderson

Barring an offseason injury, much like last year I think it'll be Zach Zwinak who gets the start next year. We should see a healthy dose of Bill Belton and Akeel Lynch pretty early, though.

As for the second part of your question, I think it depends. If Allen Robinson doesn't come back, I see Geno Lewis stepping more into his role as primary receiver. On the defensive side, I really like what we saw from Brandon Bell in the final two games of 2013, and I can't wait to see how he builds on that in 2014. I expect him to start from the first snap in Ireland.

Any recruiting updates in the works? Seems like Holley has a big decision coming this week between PSU and Florida. Not to mention we are getting close to the end of December and it would be great to get an idea what the staff is up to and what we can expect the next few months. --GMac14

Would like to see some sort of article with recruits who we are still going after. I have gone to ESPN (I know I should be flogged) and run down the recruits looking at each to see if they have been recruited by PSU, and those that have been offered. There are quite a few on the top 100 that have not been recruited by PSU, is this because they are not PSUtype of players? I usually expected this from JoePa, but thought BO’B would be a little more flexible. I mean we have long hair, staches, and names on the back of the uniforms now. --catalacjack

You can blame both Nick P and I. Real life, and all. Hopefully we'll have something up for you guys soon, about recruiting.

Regarding top 100 recruits who have not been recruited by PSU--I'm not sure how serious this question is. There are plenty of guys that wouldn't be PSU-type players--and not because of long hair, or names. But because of academics, or off field potential issues, or efforts to attempt to be paid for play. Not that this goes one at other schools, but come on, this goes on at some other schools--and if there are guys in the top 100 who are about those things, then they're not the types of guys I'd want PSU to recruit.

And, keep in mind, just because we might want some of these top 100 recruits doesn't necessarily mean they want to come to PSU. And the staff would likely know that as well.

If BOB bolts to the NFL after firing Vandy and Future McGloin should everyone be pissed, or has he earned enough merits the past two seasons to get a free pass?--Aqua Velva Man

I don't think everyone should be pissed. Incredibly disappointed, yes. Not pissed. But he definitely wouldn't get a free pass from this girl.

According to several sites across the interwebs, highly rated DT Thomas Holley is planning on making his college decision very soon. From what I’ve seen, he is considered a PSU lean and, should he commit, he would be the highest rated prospect in this years class.

I have also read that he just started playing football last year. Before football, he was apparently a very talented basketball player. So my question is this: have there been other examples of highly rated prospects with only a couple years of actual football playing experience? How have they typically turned out?

Holley’s story reminds me a little bit of Stephfon Green. Green was another highly rated prospect out of NY, and from what I recall, the hype around him was built on his speed/athleticism more than his performance on the football field. Obviously Green didn’t live up to the hype at Penn State, but hopefully Holley will.--dmw05

Most football players without a lot of experience are freak physical specimens, like the Detroit Lions' 2013 first round draft pick, Ziggy Ansah. According to this article (ESPN alert!), there have been five players drafted in the last two draft who didn't even go to high school in the US--so that's not a lot. As someone indicated in the fanpost, Jack Crawford didn't play football until late; he actually started high school in New Jersey in the hopes of getting a scholarship to play basketball, but fell in love with football instead.

Since it's Christmas time, I'm wondering people's feelings on favorite cookie. I bake a bunch of different cookies during this time of year to give to friends. So, what is your favorite cookie and why?—GoPSUChef via Facebook

Oh, boy. As many of you know, I love to bake. During the year, I typically stick with cupcakes and cakes and pies, but this is the month in which I make cookies upon cookies.

My favorite cookies to make are, bar none, shortbread. It's a lot of fun, and they smell (and, of course, taste) delicious. The one cookie, though, that reminds me of the holidays is one my family calls "mint in the middle" cookies--it's two layers of our family-recipe sugar cookie, baked around a junior mint. It tastes like Christmas to me (email me if you want the recipe, I sent it to 84 over the weekend and I can't wait to hear how it worked out for him!).

What is my penance for rooting for Ohio State to win the crystal football?--gerrylovesnathalie

I think you should have to change your signature. I'm at a loss to what it should be, though--maybe we should let Rambler decide? Have at it in the comments, guys.

who paged Nick Satan at the Austin airport?--bveo12

RG3 has been benched for Kirk Cousins. Gun held to your head, would you rather eat McDonald’s Big Mac or BK’s Big King?--garder54


I guess no Subway since it's the official restaurant of RG3, so...yes. One of them.

Will there be German Shepherds on the sidelines at Croke Park? If so, will the players be allowed to pet them? If yes, could this be used as an effective recruiting tool for any undecided prospects? Which PSU player is most likely to be bitten by one of the German Shepherds and why?--tampalion

I have no idea how to respond to this so I'll say no, which means no, probably not, and gotta be an offensive lineman since they would be the least likely to outrun the German Shepherd (just don't tell HBeach, okay?).

After 5:00 PM on Friday, I will be officially finished with another week of finals and ready to consume some beverages. I will likely be in a festive mood and want to drink some festive seasonal beers. What recommendations do you have for me?--PSU12

Well, as with most things beers, it depends on what you like. Personally, I tend to like darker, less hoppy beers. One I discovered last year that I really like is Leinenkugel's Snowdrift Vanilla Porter.

Do they make koozies for 40s?--GoodOleDays

Good news, friend! You need not chug that forty oz any longer. From the linked site:

The problem with a drinking from a 40 oz, is that the paper bag you wrapped it in doesn't insulate the malt liquor properly, Now unless you start chugging, you're gonna end up with a warm beverage. Well, you need to hook yourself up with the latest in trendy malt liquor consumption accessories. This neoprene insulated sleeve slides over the bottle just like a regular beer can cozy, but it also features a built-in handle and comes in two fly patterns. Now chill out, you classy gangsta!

Also, WBF and psfann had great questions about Christmas presents, but I’m not going to answer them—because I can’t answer them nearly as well as everyone else in the comments did. If you didn’t see it, check out the fanpost from earlier in the week here.