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MMQB: Since When?

When's the last time?

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, Wisconsin head coach and all around honest guy Gary Andersen gushed post game about the wizardry of Bill O'Brien and his coaching staff, praising the coach 'em up job at several different points, regarding both sides of the football. So MMQB wants to know from you, BSD aficionado: what is the last Penn State game in which you felt Penn State out-coached and out-played the (perceived) superior opponent?

The 1987 Fiesta Bowl was the first one to pop into MMQB's head, of course. There's also the 1987 upset of Notre Dame, and the 1990 upset of Notre Dame might qualify as well. Please help MMQB out with more recent events.

And, if you are an intrepid BSDer and don't mind a little stupidity, try answering this one: how would the last staff have done these past two seasons? The sanctions, the transfers, the quitters, the recruiting restrictions, the no-bowl-reward, the long hair, beards, and staches....Is Rob Bolden still the starting QB right now? Is Hackenberg on campus, or is he in Tuscaloosa? Has Jay taken over all play calling duties, or is there still a rock-paper-scissors with Galen to determine run or pass? Are we worried about the dearth of DBs if we only play Cover 3? Feel free to create any scenario you want. We can argue about it for the next 8 months.

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