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BSD Mailbag 12.20.13

You've got questions, BSD has answers.

He's a sharp dresser, but can he bark 'Jingle Bells'??
He's a sharp dresser, but can he bark 'Jingle Bells'??
Nick Laham

How many games into the season into the season before BSD melts down with "FIRE BUTLER HE SUCKZZZZZ AND NOW WE DON'T HAVE VANDY WE'RE DOOMED!!!" threads? jman07
This will begin with the first points scored by Central Florida. So right about 8:51 a.m. of week one.

Just once, will you let WorldBFat answer all mailbag questions as a guest columnist? psuphysicist
This proposal is equally fantastic and horrifying. I think we can make this happen. I just hope I don't have to follow him for the next mailbag.

Is the term "Christian Heismanberg" catching on anywhere outside my living room? pkloa
Not at all, but I would start printing those t-shirts now if I were you.

On a general scale of gift-giving, how acceptable is straight cash? This is not for immediate family, just cousins and aunts/uncles I only see on the holidays. skarocksi
Cash makes an excellent gift, especially for someone you don't spend enough time with to come up with a personalized gift you are certain they will appreciate. If someone gets upset with you for giving them cash, odds are they are the type of person who will find many other reasons to be upset no matter what you do.

Which Christmas song is the worst? WorldBFat
I spent my teenage years working at the Eastwood Mall during the holidays, so I grew an aversion to Christmas music that still stands strong today. The absolute worst in my book is "12 Days of Christmas." It's long, the lyrics are just awful and it causes an instant headache every time I hear it. The only thing worst than that song are the "12 Days of Christmas" parodies.

Which Christmas song is the best? Cari Greene
Without a doubt- dogs barking "Jingle Bells."

Do you ever sit when you pee? MainLion
Well that's kind of personal, but no I do not. I don't see anything wrong with it if that's your thing, but it just seems like more work than just remaining standing.

Tell us where Penn State's 2014 recruiting class will will rank after signing day? And no "in the 15-20 range." I demand a straight answer and you will be held to it. garder54
20. Which means for the next year we all can say "Despite crippling sanctions, Bill O'Brien still managed to pull off a top-20 recruiting class."

That's a wrap for me on the 2013 BSD mailbags! Happy holidays you bunch of fighters!