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Black Shoe Diaries 2013 Review: The People's Vote

Time to let us know how you really feel

I make the article, so I choose the picture.
I make the article, so I choose the picture.

As we inch closer and closer to the beginning of 2014 (aka the year of graduation, aka the beginning of mine and Bill's real life, aka death), we here at Black Shoe Diaries find ourselves wondering what y'all think about our work this past year. We know that we think everything we wrote was great (Except things Bill wrote, he sucks)*, but now we want to know your opinions.

So you'll see below a list of a bunch of different categories to share your opinions on. Leave your votes in the comments, because obviously there is no way to actually make polls for this. After a week or so, I'll go through the comments and find out the winners for each category, and throw together a post recapping it all. I hope you all rekindle some great BSD memories thinking about these categories, and feel free to even post them in your comment with your votes if you feel so inclined.*** Enjoy!

*NOTE FROM BILL: Nick is a gigantic popcorn fart and likes Greg Schiano

***NOTE FROM NICK: Since you're all lazy, I'm going to set up a comment for each category in the thread, that way you can respond to that comment with any nominations.  But you're all lazy, so I'm not expecting much.

Black Shoe Diaries:

Best article (overall):

Best article (analysis):

Best article (humor):

Most convincing Point/Counterpoint:

Best commenter:

Best individual comment:

Best series:

Best Fanpost:

Best Podcast:

Most Flaming Bus-y Thread:

Favorite Open Thread:

Best debate in a Thread:

Biggest BSD Celebration:

Most Depressing Moment:

Favorite Subtle Dick Joke Column:

Around the league:

Best CFB Blog (Non-BSD):

Best SB Nation team blog (any sport):

Favorite College Football Twitter Account:

Best College Football GIF of the year:

Real Life:

Favorite BSD Twitter Personality:

Favorite Writer to run the BSD Account:

Favorite BSD Writer:

Favorite BSD Writer in Person (Tailgate meetings):

Most Desired BSD Writer to Meet in Person (Expecting bscaff and Nikki to run away with this one):