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Tyler Ferguson to Transfer from Penn State

Fergie, we hardly knew ye

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Oh how quickly things can change.

Tyler Ferguson enrolled at Penn State last winter after the Lions lost out in their pursuit of Jake Waters, who instead chose to attend Kansas State. He came in with a legitimate chance to win the starting job, with his experience being his key advantage. After batting and beating out Steven Bench (Bill's favorite) for the starting job in the spring, expectations were undoubtedly high for Tyler, even with 5 star phenom Christian Hackenberg arriving in the summer.

Well as we are all aware, Hackenberg came in and promptly decided to run train on the practice field, leading Bill O'Brien to declare that both players would have a chance to earn the starting job. Come the Syracuse game, Hack never looked back, and Fergie became an afterthought.

Fergalicious came to Penn State as the #2 Pro Style JuCo QB recruit, behind the aforementioned Waters. Unfortunately for him, coming in at the same time as the top QB recruit in the nation proved to be a fruitless venture for him. With 4 star Michael O'Connor getting set to enroll this winter, it was looking like Fergie was going to continue to fall further down the depth chart. Penn State will enter next season with a depth chart consisting of Hack, O'Connor, Jack Seymour, DJ Crook, and Austin Whipple.

Tyler will be free to transfer wherever he would like upon the completion of this semester, and still has 2 years of playing eligibility remaining. He leaves with 155 yards and a touchdown, on 10 of 15 passing for his PSU career. We wish Tyler all the best, and hope he finds a situation he can succeed in. Go State.