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Success With Hyperlinking Is Turning To Face The Strange

Coaching staff changes, Pat Chambers' Rodney Dangerfield moment, and more in your Thursday linkage.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Let The Speculation Begin - No, I'm not talking about the reasons why Charlie Fisher and Ron Vanderlinden are no longer coaching at PSU (that's what message boards are for), but rather who their replacements will be. Ben Jones at lists five possibilities, including the Patriots tight end coach George Godsey, who was initially believed to be the leading candidate to be the QB coach the first time around before Fisher was ultimately hired.

McJayPa Maroney Is Not Impressed - Look, we all know that this current coaching regime is the reason Matt McGloin even got a sniff from NFL teams. Now, the Mullah of Moxie himself is publicly acknowledging as much.

So as McGloin has begun to captivate a national audience, the question has arisen: was O'Brien truly the difference maker in the quarterback's career ascent? McGloin offered confirmation on CBS Sports Radio's "MoJo with Chris Moore and Brian Jones" last night.

"I have no problem saying it," McGloin said "If it wasn't for Coach O'Brien I wouldn't be in the NFL today. I wouldn't have got a look."

Pat Chambers = College Hoops' Rodney Dangerfield - Penn State could have very well walked out of Pittsburgh with a huge, message-sending victory last night, and Pat Chambers knew it. Furthermore, Pat's tired of how Penn State can't get no respect.

I hope people start taking us seriously," said Chambers, who is in his third campaign at Penn State. "Because I feel like — I know these guys, we’re tired of everybody talking about us like we’re not a good team and aren’t you proud to be on the same floor? What does that mean? What does that even mean? We’re a good team, we’re a good basketball team, get used to it."

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That comment was shortly followed by a Pitt reporter asking whether it would help if PSU had beaten Bucknell, to which Chambers acknowledged as a 'low blow' but conceding that the reporter had a point, all without changing his expression (skip to 4:00 mark in order to get context leading up to said exchange at around the 5:00 mark)

In Scores Of Other Games:

  • Al Wolski is retiring as head coach of State College Area High School's football program after ten years. Godspeed, sir. (via Centre Daily Times)
  • San Francisco-based authorities are investigating the construction of a secretive Google barge. No, seriously.
  • What if somebody had so much time on their hands that they could come up with a live-tweet of the Gettysburg Address?

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