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BSD's Big Ten Challenge/Thursday Night Open Thread Championship Week

Come join us for our Thursday night open thread!

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are the end of another exciting college football season. We saw some good games, we saw some bad games then there was this:

Auburn vs. Alabama - Fan Reactions To Kick Return 2013 Iron Bowl (via JumboFPS)

Doesn't the girl in the Alabama shirt crying after her friend pummels her just warm your heart? No? I guess I'm just weird. Anyho, the season isn't over yet, we still have a good weekend of football left to play and it starts off with #19 Louisville (10-1) taking on Cincinnati (9-2) on ESPN starting at 7:30. Stop on by for our last Thursday night open thread. Now on to our final tally of the BSD Big Ten Challenge...

Last Week's Results

bscaff 5 1
Cari 5 1
Nick 5 1
BSD Readers 5 1
Jared 4 2
Dan 4 2
Chad 4 2
Devon 4 2
Bill 4 2
Galen 4 2
Nick P. 4 2

I said in last week's open thread that it was coming down to Dan and bscaff and they both picked all the same teams except one game. The Iowa - Nebraska game would settle the entire year. Well you can see from above, the Iowa pick has crowned our new champion.....

Yearly Totals

W L Win %
bscaff 79 14 84.9
Dan 78 15 83.9
Devon 77 16 82.8
Jared 77 16 82.8
Cari 75 18 80.6
Chad 74 19 79.6
Nick P. 74 19 79.6
Galen 72 21 77.4
Nick 72 21 77.4
Bill 71 22 76.3
BSD Readers 71 22 80.6

bscaff!!! Hit it guys....

That's right, the guy who picked Youngstown State to beat Michigan State at the beginning of the season is your winner. How does that make you all feel?

Thanks everyone who participated we'll most likely bring this back next season so bscaff can defend his crown. Now let's talk some football for one more week....

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