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MMQB: What Would You Grade the 2013 Penn State Football Team?

Now that we've had some time to celebrate and reflect, let's critically analyze this team

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

We've had a little more than a week to digest Penn State's upset of Wisconsin and some time to look back and remember the 2013 squad. While it wasn't as good or as much of a rallying point as the 2012 team, it was certainly one of the more entertaining teams in PSU history, in good ways and in bad.

Now that we've had some time to sit back and reflect, let's look at this team critically. For all the good that came from this squad -- Allen Robinson, Christian Hackenberg, some excellent games -- there was bad, like the defense's struggles. Most importantly, there were plenty of times where the team showed flashes of brilliance that would make even the most pessimistic fan an optimist going forward.

HOWEVAH, this has nothing to do with the future, this is about 2013. With that in mind, LET'S GET BOLD:

What grade would you give the 2013 Penn State football team? Explain your grading. What did they do well? What did they do poorly? If you put them in the jersey of another team, what would your grade be? Do you think the team will be better or worse come 2014, and why?