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Sue Paterno Speaks Out

The Paterno family matriarch speaks out for the first time since the Sandusky Scandal broke

Patrick Smith

Last week it was widely reported that Sue Paterno would sit down with Katie Couric to discuss the Sandusky scandal. Today was the first time since the grand jury report was was released in November 2011 that Paterno publicly discussed the fallout of the scandal and the impact on her late husband, Joe Paterno.

Here are some highlights of today's interview, that also included her children Jay, Scott, Diane and Mary Kay, as well as several others.

Sue Paterno, on her relationship with Jerry Sandusky: "Jerry was a coach, but we also admired what he did with the Second Mile...we didn't really socialize, so I didn't really know him as a person."

Sue Pa on reading the grand jury indictment: "I felt horror, disbelief and it's still hard to believe." "When I first read the report, I felt physically ill."

Paterno family lawyer Wick Sollers on the conclusions found by the Freeh Report: "Very benign...the worst possible conclusions he could imagine...a lot of the report is based on anonymous sources, which is something a legitimate inquiry should not include."

Sue Pa on the Freeh Report: "I was looking forward to the Freeh Report, to be honest with you. I was hoping we would get the truth, get the right answers...I was totally devastated. For someone who knows somebody for 54 years, I know him better...His life was built on doing things the right way. And for Louis Freeh to say what he said about Joe, I was in a state of disbelief."

Sue Pa on 1998: "I don't even know for sure if (Joe) knew."

Sue Pa on life after the scandal: "I've had so many sleepless nights, and I end up praying for the victims because I want them to heal and move on with their lives."

Mary Kay Paterno on the past year: "It's been very challenging, it's been sad. We miss our dad like crazy...We think about the victims, what they've been through...what's our next step."

Diana Paterno on her father's legacy: "I know who my dad was, and I still keep all those memories in my heart. Not for one minute do I think he did anything wrong. His legacy is his family and the players he's reached over the years."

Jay Paterno on the Paterno family's involvement: "What we wanna do is we wanna get involved in this issue...we believe this is an important first step. What we wanna do are, there are people down the road who are further down the road then we are, and we wanna get involved with them and help them."

Former Penn State Defensive End Aaron Maybin on how he remembers Joe Pa: "The Joe that we knew, the Joe that I know, we definitely didn't see eye to eye...but he taught me what I needed to learn to be a man...those lessons, they never leave, they stick with you, and that's what I got from Joe.

Former Penn State Linebacker Greg Buttle on how he thinks Joe Pa would have acted had he known: "I just wanted to say that Joe, the Joe I know, the Joe that my fellow players knew, if he ever knew that Jerry Sandusky was a pedophile, there would have been an issue with it and he would have taken care of it."

Sports Illustrated Legal Analyst Michael McCann on Penn State: "If the Freeh Report is correct, then it would appear that Penn State violated the Cleary Act. If they did, there could be fines in the millions or loss of federal financial aid."

McCann on legal action against Paterno: "It appears that (Paterno) satisfied his duties. He may have been sued civilly, but criminally his actions were consistent with the law."