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Coach Chambers Makes Remarkable Pledge to THON

He might be desperate for fan support or maybe he's just embracing that damn Penn State culture, but Chambers' donation surely will make a tremendous difference in the fight against pediatric cancer.

This man is bald for a reason, and it's not because his team is making him pull his hair out
This man is bald for a reason, and it's not because his team is making him pull his hair out
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

After already shaving his head to kick off 'No Hair Don't Care', Pat Chambers is upping his own ante with another incredible display of support to THON. This Thursday night against Iowa, Coach Chambers will be donating $10 for each Penn State student in attendance! Considering that there are already over 1,000 student season ticket holders, he's willingly forked over at least $10,000 right off the bat, and if judging by previous THON game attendances, he could very well come close to giving $50,000 (5,000 students) or more.

Students will still have to pay $5 to go to the game (the AD is still ballin' on a budget, ya'll), but considering twice as much of that amount will be going back to THON, that should still be more than enough incentive for the students to come to the game (as if Dollar Dog night wasn't enough already). They already draw well on regular THON promotion games when all of the student ticket proceeds go straight to the dance marathon from the AD (this year's game was Nebraska), so it's hard to imagine that this will not be a resounding success, at least in terms of $ raised for THON.

Per the AD's facebook, students can pick up a pledge card before the game on the concourse from 8:00-9:15pm. The game tips off at 9:00pm on Thursday and will be televised on ESPNU. The students will then be expected to stay until the 5:00-minute mark of the second half when they can turn their pledges in and be set free if they so desire.

There will undoubtedly be people that question the motive behind this generous donation. All I have to say to those people is shame on you.

Also, if you haven't heard, Chambers' team will be practicing in Rec Hall tonight at 6:00pm. It is open to the public. So those of you who have been wondering if some of these guys really are shooting better in practice, here's your chance to see for yourself.