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Success With Hyperlinking Wants to Wrestle the IOC

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Streeter Lecka

RASSLIN' - Surprising news this morning as the IOC decided to drop wrestling, one of its oldest events, from the 2020 Olympic games. I'm a very casual at best wrestling fan and even I find this to be ridiculous. Cael obviously is not too pleased. Apparently the sport lost in a vote to taekwondo, field hockey, and the modern pentathlon. Surely the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club and their resident athletes aren't going to be thrilled about this either.

CROOTIN' - Signing day has come and gone, but recruiting never stops. Turns out BOB hasn't stopped either as his staff is set to host 5-star athlete Jabril Peppers and some of his teammates on a visit next week, per Lions247. With Junior Day just around the corner, surely the staff is out busting ass. Just be sure to educate yourself and fellow fans about what is and is not acceptable behavior.

IZZO v BEILEIN - It's rivalry week, and there's no bigger rivalry game this year than Michigan-Michigan State, which tips off tonight at 9:00pm on ESPN. Both The Only Colors and Maize-N-Brew have great coverage of tonight's matchup. Better to read about it from them than some fraud like Andy Katz. Take Michigan. It obviously has huge implications for Big Ten basketball, which some people are finally appreciating. Also, TOC has some fantastic projections for the rest of the B1G's and PSU's season, including a 67% chance PSU goes winless and a 1-in-8.67 billion chance they win out.

SHOOTY-HOOPS - Speaking of Penn State basketball, it deserves repeating ICYMI last night that Chambers is donating $10 for every student that shows up at the game Thursday. That's going to be healthy $30,000-$40,000 if I had to guess. Also, there's some more press about how Philadelphia and Penn State basketball keep warming up to each other. Also, Nate Bauer at BWI has a great column that puts this miserable season in perspective.