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Class of 2013: Welcome, Neiko Robinson

Penn State Football Class of 2013: the early enrollees, the Signing Day commits, and the names that Steve and Jack will be calling for years to come.

Crystal LoGiudice-US PRESSWIRE

There certainly is a lot to like regarding the commitment of Neiko Robinson. He's a prospect out of Florida, demonstrating the new staff's commitment to landing talent from outside of Penn State's traditional recruiting territories. He is suited to play either safety or cornerback, which is extremely helpful as Penn State attempts to build its depth throughout the secondary. He has one of those names that just lends itself to becoming a fan favorite at Penn State. And that's not even getting into what Robinson personally brings to the table as a football player.

Robinson was a relatively unknown prospect when he gave his oral commitment in June, but is now listed as a three-star player by Rivals and 247. Along the way, he picked up offers from Purdue, Minnesota, Louisiana Tech, UAB, among others, but never wavered in his commitment to Penn State. His recruitment was handled by John Butler, who made it evident in 2012 that he knows a thing or two about developing young defensive backs. In true Penn State fashion, Robinson became the last player to make his commitment official of the day on National Signing Day so that his big moment would not interfere with his class schedule.

It appears that safety is Robinson's more natural position. He closes on the ball extremely well and regularly delivers devastating hits to anyone that comes in his proximity on the field. However, he could end up at cornerback depending where he is most needed by the time he is ready to take the field. It appears that time could come sooner rather than later after Robinson displayed his immense talents in the Florida state title game (special thanks to SB Nation College Football Recruiting Editor and Analyst Bud Elliot for putting this together).

Either way, get used to the name Neiko Robinson. It looks like Penn State fans will become very familiar with him wreaking havoc in the secondaty during the next few years.