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THON 2013 Open Thread

Penn State students stand up against pediatric cancer for the next two days.

Flickr user FotoFTK

The greatest weekend at Penn State is upon us. Starting at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, 710 dancers will stand up and won't sit back down for 46 hours as the year-long fundraising effort for a cure to pediatric cancer comes to an end at THON 2013.

Being a former dancer, I was asked to write something for the weekend, but I honestly don't think I could write anything more than what I did the day before I danced in THON 2011. If you need or want to know why we dance, it's all explained there.

The only thing I can add is that these will be the 46 hardest hours of these dancers' lives, but the also the greatest and most inspirational 46 hours. But even then, it's nothing compared to what the children and families deal with everyday. The money means only a bit to those affected (Penn State students have raised $89 million for the Four Diamonds Fund since 1977). The immense amounts of love and support mean a million times more.

Good luck to all the dancers, committee member, volunteers, families and everyone else involved in THON 2013!

If you want to donate to THON, you can follow this link and donate to the charity in general or one of the organizations if you know someone associated with it.

Onward State and The Daily Collegian both have live blogs bringing you news from the event all throughout the weekend. You can also follow these things on Twitter for updates:





Finally, below is the WPSU livestream of THON if you can't be in State College to watch the celebration in person.



Dancer 21A, THON 2011

Live video for mobile from Ustream

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