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SWH Loves Michael Mauti So Darn Much

Mike Mauti, the NFL Combine, money for breast cancer research, and more!

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports
  • Yes, we know. Everyone loves Michael Mauti. But this interview confirms everything we know about him: the guy is a warrior who would murder a loved one to play football. Mauti talks about his knee, how this isn't his first time tearing an ACL and the handwritten letter that we all heard about and cried over for 12 hours while listening to "Everything I Do I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams. Wait, only I did that last part? Oh damn, my bad.
  • Since we all hate conference's some conference realignment news. According to Ohio State AD Gene Smith, Big Ten dark overlord Commissioner Jim Delany has given off the vibe that the Big Ten isn't going to do anything in terms of expansion to 16 or more teams. Nick brought up the rumors that teams like UNC and Notre Dame could possibly be joining the conference in last week's SWH, but for now they don't look like anything noteworthy.
  • The lady shootyhoopers had their Pink Zone game against Michigan, with all proceeds raised going to breast cancer research. The preliminary total has been clocked at $182,824.44, but there still needs to be a few things added in before a final amount can be determined. But still, awesome sauce.
  • In shootyhoops news, three star recruit Tory Miller has narrowed down his list of schools to PSU, Marquette, #NEBRASKETBALL and Colorado State. 24/7 has the 6'8" power forward as the #150 recruit in the class of 2014. Since the 2014 team will have (assuming nothing bad happens) Jon Graham, Ross Travis, Pat Ackerman, Donovon Jack, Brandon Taylor and Julian Moore as their big men, having a talented big with a refined low-post game like Miller would be a plus.
  • Trustee Anthony Lubrano is (go figure) really pissed about the Freeh Report, so much so that he wants a refund. As do Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship (IMPORTANT NOTE: Lubrano kinda looks like Jack Nicholson's version of The Joker in that picture). Usual stuff here: questioning Freeh's intentions, calling into question the legitimacy of the report, y'all know the drill by now. You may remember that trustee Alvin Clemens recently came out and said that he thinks PSU should reexamine the report.