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Success with Hyperlinking is Pinching Itself

Remember when, like, Penn State beat Michigan in basketball? That was awesome.


That happened so we're gonna talk about it: David Jones did the thing that he does after any big Penn State story and put the game in perspective to a T:

So, Penn State is 1-14 in the league. Is that wonderful? A cynic may ask.

I would say this: When you believe for so long without obvious reason and then that belief is validated, it can be powerful stuff.

Of course, beating a top-5 team will get you some national headlines as well. Yahoo!, ESPN, and CBS aren't usually sources I frequent that often, but who doesn't like to drape themselves in coverage after an upset like this? The theme from most of the national outlets seems to be that this was right up there with TCU over Kansas as the upset of the year, and that Pat Chambers is pretty awesome.

And now, a selection of comments from the Michigan Basketball facebook page, hand-picked for your enjoyment:


I can play better defense and I'm a 50 year old woman!

Beilein's fault....mis handles players, burke's a ball hog.

This season is over.

pass a message to Trey Burke, QUIT FORCING SHOTS!...........

I love Michigan but Burkes not good he's just a ball hog. And quit being a bunch of pussies and attack the basket. Teams who shoot 3s are just lazy.

Stupid trey burke throwing up threees

Tim Hardaway needs to be a leader out there. All I see from him is jealousness with Burke and jacking up poor shots

I love Burke but I still hate on Denard hard. Kid is a joke.

Loose to 0-13 big ten team. We were over rated. Period.

They are over rated!!! Fuckn suck so sicken by ur sry asses

How can you guys live with this? Worst team and you lost to them what a embarrassment come on cant play under pressure because of state losing along with Indiana. You guys would of had it man but nooo

"but nooo"

More shootyhoops: KenPom had Michigan as a 95% favorite with six minutes left to go.....we made it out! presser with D.J. Newbill, Jermaine Marshall, and Boss Travis.....obligatory court storm video.....PC called in to SportsCenter after the win, and was very hoarse.

Non-shootyhoops things, I guess: PennLive has a good feature on new PSU safeties coach Anthony Midget....Steph Curry balled outrageous at the Garden last night but it wasn't enough to topple the Knicks.....If you are unaware of the mothership's "Dan on Fire" series, I highly recommend you make yourself aware.....speaking of soccer, has an outstanding feature on the greatest collection of footballers North America has ever seen--Bethlehem Steel more soccer thing: Jozy Altidore is tearing up the Eredivisie with AZ Alkmaar, and yesterday he tied Clint Dempsey's single season goals scoring record for an American in Europe with this peach in the Dutch Cup semifinal:

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