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Success With Hyperlinking Is Ready To Spill

Penn State and national news and notes

Rob Carr

SuePa Talks With Katie Couric: The Hollywood Reporter scooped everyone yesterday by finding out that Katie Couric, only two weeks after interviewing Manti Te'o, was the first to get a chance to sit down with the widow of the former Penn State coach. It's highly doubtful that any earth-shattering information will come from the face-to-face, but Sue's a great lady (who almost ran me down with her car one summer Saturday afternoon) who will probably provide some light on the happenings of the family over the past months as well as some great stories from the past.

Other IT news: Newly-elected Attorney General Kathleen Kane has appointed a special prosecutor to look into how the Commonwealth, and specifically then-AG Tom Corbett handled the Sandusky investigation. Also, former Penn State president Graham Spanier had his bail provisions revised and he is now able to speak with members of the Board of Trustees.

NSD is Tomorrow: Tomorrow, the Class of 2013 officially makes it known where they will (hopefully) spend the next four years of their young lives. Make sure to keep an eye on SB Nation's recruiting hub as well as @SBNRecruiting on Twitter for news tomorrow.

Ohio State offers degrees in MS Paint: The Buckeyes switched up their logo a bit and if you know how to color inside the lines, maybe you can be part of their next redesign.

In Scores Of Other Games: College Crosse says that Penn State men's lacrosse will finish second in the CAA this year.... Rueben Foster, who got an Auburn tattoo after committing to the Tigers, reversed course and verbaled to the Tide last night... The Big Ten was represented with an MVP award on Sunday... Who doesn't love a good Penn State engagement story?... It's National Weatherperson's Day and I take gifts in the form of checks or great craft beer (someone send me a Nugget Nectar).

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