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Game 22: Purdue Recap


Please come back soon, Tim.
Please come back soon, Tim.
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this was a game PSU could've easily won and there haven't been many of those this year, especially in the Big Ten. Purdue looked like a team that had been humiliated in their prior two games and were playing their 5th contest in 13 days. They simply looked lethargic for most of the game.

But even though the Lions had off this past weekend, they once again couldn't make enough shots to win a conference game. The hill gets steeper while the frustration continues to mount as the team gets closer and closer to becoming the 2nd team ever to go 0-fer in the Big Ten.

The Boilermakers didn't make one three-pointer (0-10) and they shot just 62% from the foul line. For the game, they scored at just 0.90 PPP efficiency. However, they did have the six-straight career-high scorer against the PSU defense as Ronnie Johnson produced 16 points despite going 2-8 from the foul line.

Sasa Boronvjak and Jon Graham both fouled out before they played 20 minutes. The Nittany Lions shot 2-20 from three, many of them were solid looks. Jermaine Marshall couldn't have picked a worse time to have his worst game of the year, finishing with just 7 points on 2-14 shooting.

Overall, the Lions were only able to muster 49 points on 65 possessions (0.75 PPP). The only remote positive that seemed to come from this game was Ross Travis with 8 points (on 4 strong field goals) and 8 rebounds.

The Lions now travel to Lincoln, Nebraska to face the 2-8 Cornhuskers.