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Success With Hyperlinking Is On Spring Break, Brah

Your semi-daily dose of Penn State links.

Ian Walton

Unfortunately, Lubbock spring breaks are nothing like the videos I saw on YouTube....

Penn State's Pro Day: Several players worked out yesterday on Penn State's campus in hopes of getting noticed by an NFL team or two, not only including this past year's seniors as Derek Moye and Chima Okoli also made appearances in State College. Big news coming out of the workouts was the show put on by Stephon Morris who was rumored to have an sub-4.2 unofficial 40 time, but was clocked with a 4.35 official time to go in the books. Reviews from various sources:

To go along with the Draft theme, Stampede Blue profiled Matt Stankiewitch who a lot of Colts fans would like to see as a late-round pick according to the comments.

Shooty-hoopin' All Over The World: Michigan has apparently learned their lesson, according to coach Jon Beilein, as he told the Detroit Free Press that they will not be taking Penn State lightly in their first round matchup in the Big Ten Tournament on Thursday. We wouldn't want it any other way, Coach...

Chad wrote this morning about D.J. Newbill and Jermaine Marshall only being able to garner honorable mentions in the Big Ten awards handed out yesterday. Travis over at Hammer and Rails hosted the SB Nation basketbros of the Big Ten in an awards segment of his own and D.J. faired a bit better, grabbing a spot on the just-as-important as the real media's third-team.

Finally, from BTN, the top-10 non-dunks of the year.

IT and Related News: Penn State released the letter it submitted to the Freeh Group, asking for their assistance in the school's independent internal investigation (nothing too groundbreaking in it).... Three Presidential forums have been set-up for constructive discussion on choosing Penn State's new president.... New numbers are out: Penn State has now spent $41 million on the Sandusky scandal, that number ballooning due to the first fine installment being sent to the NCAA.... Bob Costas, who interviewed Jerry Sandusky and Joe Amendola on Rock Center in December of 2011, is coming out and saying that the Freeh Report is not the letter of the law and that people should do the research before forming an opinion..... Attorneys for Jerry Sandusky have filed paperwork outlining their claims for an appeal.

Other News and Notes: Denard will be on the cover of NCAA Football 14.... BHGP breaks down the Big Ten Wrestling Championship results... Dan Connor was cut by the Cowboys but he's scheduled to meet with the Steelers soon.... For bscaff - Barry Switzer, mother f**kers.

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