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Success with Hyperlinking Exiled on Main Street

All the Penn State news worth reading.


According to his book, Keith Richards' favorite tun to play live is Tumblin' Dice. Maybe. Keith can't be 100% sure about anything from 1967 to present day. But that's more than enough reason for SwH to slap it into this post.

Sportif Massif

Pro Day occurred yesterday at Holuba Hall, and according to CBS Sports, 23 of 32 NFL teams made the trip to Happy Valley. Jordan Hill's knee, following a quick scope, is on the mend; so is Mauti-Mauti-Mauti's. (/swoon). Steph Morris ran so fast.

Another story from Pro Day: Sean Stanley worked out as a linebacker and shared his thoughts in this PennLive article. According to Sean, he has lots of room for improvement in his drops. But, if an NFL scout can be bothered to read this, I suggest they pull up the 2011 Ohio State game for a second opinion. That's the one that saw Stanley running step-for-step with a tailback on a wheel route 40 yards downfield. Sean's got wheels.

Truck tires, dog toys, and sledge hammers. The annual Lift For Life event has been set for July 12th, so it's time to start thinking about this year's BSD beneficiary. Last year it was the nerdy kid John Urschel.

Hoopeyshoot. Pittsburgh's Tribune wonders aloud whether Pat Chambers can turn PSU basketball around. Dave Duda has Pat's back. But Bruce Parkhill has some curious words of caution. Maybe they were taken out of context?

Lady Hoopeyshoot. Coquese was named an assistant coach to the USA Basketball Women's World University Games team. Congratulations, Coquese, and to USA Basketball for a smart choice.

I Like My Scandal For Breakfast It Is Better Than Scrapple But Bacon Is Still The King Breakfast Must Have Meat What Do YoU ThinK*

*this section contains scandal material. Title credit: Billpsufan.

That's Some Sweet Action. Freeh, Sporkin and Sullivan (no Oxford comma in the firm's name) have reportedly pulled down $8.1 million for their BoT purchased investigation, according to the University's most recent attempt at "transparency". The really cool part about that figure is that the proposal (nee, work order) was less than 20 pages long, inclusive of signature pages. That, my friends, is some action I need to get in on. Brevity is the soul of stealing.

A Rose By Any Other Name. Everyone in the world calls it "the Freeh Report". But I've seen the rebuttal called "the Paterno Report", "the Paterno Family Report", and now, "the Thornburgh Report". What about Jim Clemente? And I'm pretty sure there was a third guy in there, too. Plus that Wick Sollers guy wrote the exec sum. No matter. The BoT will review the report at the next meeting.

Involve Everyone. Penn State retained a search firm to assist with the selection of Hot Rod Erickson's replacement as University Prez. And, according to The Collegian, that firm will hold on campus forums to solicit opinions from students, and, I presume, the Willard Preacher. Why stop there, though? I think PSU should also retain the services of Gallup for the purpose of conducting a nationwide poll. Furthermore, the search firm should Skype the interviews so that random internet strangers can jump in and ask questions. We might be able to get some great insight from a soul in Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Randomness Is Random

How The Other Half Lives. An NYU student came to Beaver Ave, got totally wasted, and pissed behind a dumpster on Calder. The only regret? Wished more PSU students wore khakis.

Religion? Sorry. No news.

Politics? Nothing to report here, either.

When Music Videos Were Cool. Brought to you by Rob Base and DJ E Z Rock. You get a glimpse of Biz Markie's gigantic head around the 2 minute mark. Enjoy.

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