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BSD Shootyhoops Bracket Challenge

Join our NCAA Tournament pool and win the love and adoration of tens of internet people.

We here at Black Shoe Diaries are sporting folk, and as such we like to March Madness even though our beloved Nittany Lions were robbed of a bid once again (THANKS OBAMA).

Since there is no money involved, think of this a way to express yourself through the canvas of the bracket. Feel like picking all 16 seeds to advance any number of times? Make it so! Feel like picking the coolest mascot in every matchup? Your actual money pool's eventual winner is doing just that! Feel like picking all chalk? Go ahead, be that guy! Nobody's stopping you or calling you a douchebag! Not in this pool!

So join us, won't you? There may or may not be a prize depending on how many participants there are, but in the meantime if you have any ideas for what the winner should get, please do share with the class.

Here's how to join the BSD pool:

Click here to open the Yahoo! group registration page and enter the following information:

League ID#: 175824
Password: talorbattle12

Good luck. Don't let Bill win 'cause he'll never let it go.

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