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The Most Important Pickin' Nits Ever

This week, Pickin' Nits tackles the most important question of all time: What is the greatest 90's-to-00's boy band song of all time?

Scott Halleran

Here's the deal: I've been on a boy band kick lately. It's been awesome. Through this, I've gotten Dan and Cari on similar boy band kicks. If you follow us on Twitter, you probably know this. This has spawned a debate: what is the best 90's-to-00's boy band song?

Seriously. Everything is taking second priority to this. The longest section this week is going to be track and field, despite track and field being off this week. Why? Because Dan, Cari, Adam and myself all have opinions on this. We expect a 15,000 comment thread here. We want your opinions, All or Nothing *INSTANT CSI*. This week's listening music will be in the track section. Listen there. Let's do this.

Women's Basketball

  • The women's selection committee completely screwed over the Lady Lions by having them play their first two games in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Which would be fine, if their second round opponent wasn't LSU. *shakes fist* EMMERT!!!!!!!
  • In more positive news, the 3rd seeded ladies won their first game against 14th seeded Cal Poly, 85-55. Four ladies dropped double digits: Maggie Lucas had 19, Alex Bentley had 18, Mia Nickson had 13 (with 13 rebounds) and Nikki Greene had 11.
  • In the second game, well, PSU got hosed. The 6th seeded LSU Lady Tigers semi pulled an upset, 71-66. I say a "semi upset" because LSU played a home game. Greene's 16 point, 16 rebound performance led the Lions, while Lucas (9 points on 2-10 shooting) and Nickson (2 points on 1-6 shooting) struggled. Well, this blows.
  • The Week Ahead: It's over. Tears. Streaming down my face. OK LET'S DO THIS.

Track and Field


  • The top ranked men's gymnastics team finished off their perfect season, defeating 7th ranked Minnesota, 433.650-427.800. Penn State won every event that wasn't pommel horse or horizontal bar. Yawn. They're really good.
  • While that happened, the 14th ranked women's gymnastics team had the Big Ten Championships in East Lansing. With a score of 195.825 points, the ladies came in 6th (Nebraska won it all). Sharaya Musser came in 6th in the all-around competition. So much swag, man.
  • The Week Ahead: Both teams have a week off to chill and change their profile pictures on Facebook back to whatever it was before they made it the HRC's equality photo.

Swimming and Diving

  • The men's SWIMMIN' POOLSers had a week to chill. The women, however, went to Indianapolis for the NCAA Championships. The team came in 29th overall. About 4,233,847 PSUers swam in various races, but the top finishers were the women's 200 yard free relay that came in 14th (Paige Whitmire, Carolyn Fittin, Katelyn Miller and Alyson Ackman), Merritt Krawczyk in the 200 yard IM (13th) and the women's 200 yard medley relay that came in 12th (Mackenzie Powers, Krawczyk, Fittin, Whitmire). If you'd like the full results and have a few hours to waste as you listen to all that boy band music, read here.
  • The ladies are done on the season, which I can tell you as the brother/friend of multiple swimmers means they'll have the chlorine smell off their body in like nine weeks. The guys have NCAA Championships in Indianapolis.

Men's Volleyball

  • The 13th ranked men's volleyball team ended their three match losing streak this week, making St. Francis their bee-otch for the second time this season. PSU took the match, 3-0 (25-19, 25-18, 25-19). Three Nittany Lions, Peter Russell, Aaron Russell and Tom Comfort, each racked up double digit kills (13, 12, 11, respectively).
  • The Week Ahead: Friday at Princeton, which they better win so I can make "Princeton offense" jokes like I did when Mike Brown was coaching the Lakers. Also, Saturday against George Mason. GMU received four votes in the latest AVCA Coaches' Poll. WATCH OUT, WE GOT A BADASS OVER HERE.


  • Both teams were at NCAA Championships in San Antonio (obligatory Shawn Michaels shoutout), where the Nittany Lions of all genders came in third. The medalists for PSU were: Shaul Gordon (2nd, men's saber), Adrian Bak (t-3rd, men's saber), David Willette (2nd, men's foil), Miles Chamley-Watson (t-3rd, men's foil), Margherita Guzzi Vincenti (t-3rd, women's epée).


  • Both tennis teams had matches against Indiana schools. The 37th ranked women's team won a tough one, 4-3, by splitting the individual matches and winning two of the three doubles matches. The men's team wasn't as successful against IU, losing 5-2, but taking two of the six individual matches and one of the doubles matches.
  • Against Purdue, well, both teams got SMOKED. The guys fell 6-1, winning one doubles match. The women lost 7-0, which is easy to do when you lose every match you compete in against a team. WOOF.
  • The Week Ahead: Both teams take on Iowa on Friday and Nebraska on Sunday. The men will be on the road this time, which means they will be forced to go to Iowa and Nebraska. #Pray4MensTennis


  • Tyler, The Creator put out a new album this week, and I really enjo......wait, wrong golf, my bad. The men's golf team went to the Linger Longer Invitational in Georgia (BEST FART JOKE WINS), where they came in 14th out of 14th. Two guys, Anthony DeGol and Xander McDonald-Smith tied for 64th, the best finishers among all Lions.
  • Making their debut this week, women's golf! Welcome, ladies! Let's see how you did............oh. Women's golf came in 17th out of 18th at the Briar's Creek Invitation in South Carolina. I'd tell you how they did, but GoPSU either hates me or women's golf, as there are no results posted. Dammit.
  • The Week Ahead: The women have the Pinehurst Challenge in North Carolina, while the men have the week off to make their own Golf Boys video.


  • 17th ranked men's lax totally went HAM this week, just torching St. Joe's 9-2 and nuking 7th ranked Bucknell 11-3. BROS AT OTHER SCHOOLS. DO YOU EVEN LIFT? TJ Sanders had five goals on the weekend, Shane Sturgis had four and three assists, and Tommy Lax had five goals and one killer Onward State profile.
  • The 10th ranked lady laxers had one game, taking down Drexel, 9-8. Tatum Coffey and Kelly Lechner both had three goas, but it was Mackenzie Cyr's one goal that came with 36 seconds left to put the Nits ahead that sealed the game. Swag.
  • The Week Ahead: Men's lax takes on Villanova, while the women's team has a showdown with 2nd ranked Florida. Which is totally the most important game involving UF this weekend. Totally.


  • Week off due to bad weather in East Lansing, Michigan when they went up there to take on Sparty. So...that's nice. Also, #GetBillAdamDevonAndDanIfHeCanGetAFlightFromTexas2Wrestlemania
  • The Week Ahead: They take on Michigan at home. Remember, kids, it would be the perfect time to bust out the fake Michigan fight song. And to remind them that their men's basketball team lost to Penn State. Which was awesome.


  • A really, really rough stretch of games for baseball, as they lost all four games they had this week. Against Indiana, PSU lost 9-3, 2-0 and 11-3. In their home opener against Pitt, they lost 10-8 after taking a five run lead in the first (SHAMELESS PLUG: I covered it here). PSU used eight pitchers against Pitt. It was rough.
  • The Week Ahead: A three game weekend series against fellow Big Ten cellar dweller Purdue, with one game against Kent State on Wednesday. If you're in town over Easter, go to a weekend series game. There's free beer and The White Stripes are reuniting after every game (ok, that's a lie, just go).

Women's Soccer

  • As the men's soccer team has proved, you can't find exhibition results through GoPSU, so women's soccer's spring schedule will be going away after today. Why after today? Because this past week, they played the WNY Flash, or as you (probably don't) know them, Abby Wambach's team. The Flash won, 7-0, and Wambach only scored one goal. Still. 'Merica.

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