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Roundtable: Which Incoming Freshman are you Most Excited About?

Rob Carr

Yesterday, we examined the incoming players on the defensive side of the ball. Now we take a look at the guys that wil be lighting up the scoreboard during the next few years.

Jeff- Christian Hackenberg
A common answer, but a valid one. This young man has had immense hype surrounding him for months (nay, years), and is possibly the most important commit to Penn State football in some time. He's already shown he has what it takes off the field to be a Penn Stater. Now the time has (nearly) arrived to see if he has the chops on the field. An expected redshirt freshman season should give him some extra time to learn, but I'm excited to see what he can do on the field against some tough Big Ten defenses.

Dan- DaeSean Hamilton
I would hope that Allen Robinson stays in school, even if he has a monster junior season, but you never know in this day and age. All signs point to Hamilton filling that role. He's taller than Robinson and Fitzgerald will beef him up to take hits when he goes across the middle. He and Hack (who I don't plan on seeing in 2013) make for a bright offensive future at Penn State.

Jared- Richy Anderson
Anderson has something unique that can't be coached- the pedigree of being the son of a Pro Bowl fullback. Anderson is more likely to line up as a tailback or in the slot, but will be ready to shine once he puts in some time to learn the offense and with Fitz's strength program. Plus, I've also enjoyed the stories about the experiences of the father-son combinations that played at Penn State. Now, I've reached the ripe old age where I can actually experience having watched both generations of players.

Nick- Akeel Lynch
He redshirted last year, but last season showed how good O'Brien can be juggling a RB tandem once he finds the right guys and if Lynch can be the ying to Zwinak's yang replacing Zordich in the backfield, then I'll expect some fireworks. With the skill being assembled on offense, an effective running game is still the best way to make the offense dynamic and still the most reliable tool when the weather is poor.

Bill- Tyler Ferguson
My main criteria for this question is a guy's ability to make an immediate impact. For that reason, I'm taking Ferguson over Hack. Do I think Hack could go down as the best QB in PSU history? Yes. Do I expect to see him playing at any point in 2013? No. I think Ferguson could very well be the QB for the season opener. He's on campus right now learning the offense, and he has physical tools that would make Mel Kiper drool. I think Bench has the leg up right now, but don't be surprised if by July we start hearing that Ferguson has made massive strides and could get the leg up on Bench.

Cari- Christian Hackenberg
Listen, I know we've had some recent epic flame outs of highly touted quarterbacks, so my optimism may be unfounded. I'm trying to temper it with some wariness, but I keep coming back to one thing--this is an entirely new offensive coaching staff. One who made McGloin arguably the most efficient signal-caller in the Big Ten, for god's sakes! Imagine what they should be able to do with a quarterback that has, by all accounts, a talent level head and shoulders above most of the rest of this year's class. It should be pretty damn exciting watching this crew develop in the years to come.

Ben- ???
Blah blah blah Hackenburg. Blah blah Brenneman. Blah blah bestest friends blah B'OB's Tight End Offense blah. Blah freshman O-line is hard blah Mahon blah blah.

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