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Success With Hyperlinking is a Dollar Short

Got links?

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First of all, if you've missed it, bscaff is basically the most awesome person ever. The rest of us are just lucky to be occupying the same corner of the wordwide web as that guy, to be honest. Good on you, sir, for expressing so eloquently what so many of us were thinking.

Now, enough patting ourselves on the back; onto the links!

Everyone knows we had an awesome win last week, right? RIGHT? As you probably know too well, the PSU men's basketball team followed up that awesome showing with an (ahem) less than awesome road performance at Minnesota. The team looks to snap its 19-game road losing streak this week, though, as they take on Northwestern in Evanston:

"We're not happy with where we are, we're not happy with our record, but it is where we are right now and we're coming in with a great approach. That's all you can do. You can control that. I can control my attitude and effort. So, every day I approach it like October 16th. The first day of practice. I say that to them, 'Do you remember the first day of practice? That was a long time ago. How happy and pumped up you were, running all around, fired up?' March 5th. Act like it's the first day."

Additionally, in case you were wondering, Tim Frazier's recovery is going well. And, we're not so bad this year, in the grand scheme of things! Our men, at least...the women's basketball program, in good hands, is nothing short of boss.

The train rolls on. As Dan pointed out yesterday, the coaches caravan may once again hit a town near you; the York Daily Record, though, is a little perturbed they're not one of the stops.

If you were one of the hundreds that saw the caravan last year, you may have heard Track & Field coach Beth Alford-Sullivan speak; she adds to the accolades afforded PSU coaches, when she won the Men's Track and Field/Cross Country coach of the year this week. That's right, a woman won for coaching a men's team. /insertsexistcommenthere

FOOTBALL! Everyone's (or, mine at least) favorite twitterer Michael Felder takes on the reduction of PSU sanctions. It's a pretty widespread opinion, but the difference in Felder's take? He's been pretty consistent, in my opinion, in his stance since day one (warning: Bleacher Report alert!).

We're not just homers, guys; others think PSU'll have a winning record in 2013, too! (Warning: second Bleacher Report alert!)

McMoxie is moving up in the world, as he's ready to prove his mettle on PSU's pro day; this after he joined his fellow teammates in Atlantic City, where the 2012 team and staff were amongst those honored by the Maxwell Football Club. Side note: I love Mike Mauti.

SBN: it's not just BSD. Ted over at Off Tackle Empire looks at the most over- and under-rated football teams over the last twenty-five years--and, if you're anything like me, the results will probably surprise you (in terms of the Nittany Lions, at least). In this blogger's opinion, the quarter-century time frame skewed things against PSU, who it seems has been perpetually underestimated since the Dark Years.

And though everyone knows that college football belongs on Saturday, that doesn't stop EDSBS from rating this year's Thursday night football games. Spoiler: very few are worth very much.

BOB for everyone. In addition to the coaches caravan, Bill O'Brien is making the rounds, conducting interviews with everyone and their mother. He sat down with BTN's Howard Griffith and clarified how far he got into the pro-interviewing process; he also was in Florida (!!) this past weekend, where he granted an interview with the Orlando Sentinel:

"There was no hesitation as far as following a legendary coach. When I took the job there really was not hesitation. I felt honored and humbled to be offered the job. I knew there were some bad, bad things that had happened there, but that if I could put together a good staff, I knew we would have the ability to attract good players. That you could win there and that you could win that way you want to win. Then, as time wore on, and the sanctions came out. That was a tough situation for us, but we have a good staff, a good group of guys. Players who chose to stick it out, but there was no hesitancy when I took the job."

Money quotes like this are why he's quickly become beloved...and why there might be such backlash if (when?) he does move on.

Quick Links: The B1G women's basketball tourney bracket is out (more coming on that later)...Michigan QB/WR/whatever Devin Gardner was granted a sixth year of eligibility...Oregon State unveiled new uniforms and logos this week, and I, for one, don't hate them...PSU's program allowing students who support non-revenue athletics may not be all it's cracked up to be...the US Government sequester could cost Penn State over eight figures...the University sues their insurance company over IT.

Also, if you haven't already and you want to, you can put your hat in the ring for season tickets for 2013. Is is August yet?

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