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Game 29: Northwestern Recap

Once again, these two teams provided a suck-fest that resulted in Pat Chambers first Big Ten road win.

Substitutions are for losers.
Substitutions are for losers.

The streak is finally over.

It lasted until the final road game of the coach's 2nd season, but Patrick Chambers has experienced a Big Ten road win. His Lions were out-sucked by Northwestern, 66-59.

It wasn't without struggle, however, as Penn State coughed up a 12-0 lead and a 44-32 lead before outlasting the Wildcats on their senior night. Jermaine Marshall and DJ Newbill led the way with 18 points a piece, but they weren't without their share of frustrating moments (10 combined turnovers). Sasa Borovnjak also had his first career double-double with 15 points and 10 rebounds, but he had 4 rather stupid fouls and missed an easy putback down the stretch.

The Nits rebounded nicely after a poor shooting display at Minnesota. They regained their recent three-point shooting prowess, converting 7 of 17 attempts (41.2%). When this team is making perimeter jumpers, they are a fairly efficient unit. Penn State scored a respectable 1.02 PPP despite all of their turnover miscues (24.4% TO%).

Northwestern simply was worse in all areas. They had moments when they figured out Penn State's 2-3 zone, but they inexplicably ignored Alex Marcotullio (22 points, 6 3PM) down the stretch after gaining the lead. They also struggled against Penn State's pressed and committed 14 turnovers. Their shot selection and committed fouls were worse than Penn State's down the stretch, and the Lions escaped with the win.

All that matters is Penn State got the win. Even if Pat Chambers didn't make one second half substitution. Or if Penn State turned it over 16 times against one of the league's worst defenses. Of if Penn State didn't get one point off the bench.

The Lions still have the 12-seed wrapped up for the Big Ten tournament next week, but hey, they've won 2 out of their last 3 games. Last regular season games is slated for this Sunday at 12:00pm versus Bo Ryan and Wisconsin.