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Help Make "We Are! 2013" a Reality

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After our small snafu earlier this week, "We Are! 2013" is officially a go!

Mike Pettigano

ed note: we've had a lot of questions about how Kickstarter works. If you're not familiar with it, you won't get charged unless we meet our funding goal. So, if you're going to buy the guide anyway, please pledge your funding--so we can make this dream a reality. --CG

What's one of the first indicators that football season is getting close? When those thick, Penn State/Big Ten/College Football preview magazines begin to pop up in every store you visit.

This year, some of the staff of Black Shoe Diaries, past and present, will add another guide to your yearly stack--and this one won't just be a retread of press releases, bland roster previews and one liners on the scheduled opponents. With the help of the BSD community--your help--we can make this 2013 preview guide the absolute best preseason guide on the 2013 Nittany Lion football squad you'll see, bar none.

Overseen by our former fearless leader Mike Pettigano, We Are! 2013 will feature a comprehensive preview of the 2013 season, feature stories, recruiting news and much more, from familiar names across the PSU blogosphere and beyond. This publication will be geared for die-hard Penn State fans as we wait out the long days of summer, anxiously awaiting the kickoff against Syracuse on August 31.

We will need your help to get this effort off the ground. The We Are! 2013 kickstarter page is now live, where you can pledge to make We Are! 2013 a reality. Donation packages have been set so that you may receive a "It's Not a State, It's a Culturewealth" t-shirt or hoody, We Are! 2013 sent to your home address prior to the publication date, and even a tailgate with your favorite Penn State bloggers.

Make sure to order a copy of We Are! 2013 to help fill that empty void while you wait for those beautiful fall Saturdays. If enough Penn State fans like you pledge support for We Are! 2013, the magazine will start shipping to readers and stores early this summer.

This magazine depends on you, fearless reader and member of the online Penn State community! Without you, there's no magazine, and there's no BSD. Please consider being a part of this exciting project by helping fund it today.

Visit the kickstarter page for ordering information.