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MMQB: What To Do With Zayd Issah?

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What punishment is enough?


Last week, it was announced that charges were filed against 2013 Penn State recruit Zayd Issah in an alleged counterfeit scheme. On Saturday, Ryan Snyder at BWI seemed to confirmed that Issah had his scholarship pulled. Considering the story is behind a paywall, we only have Nate Bauer's tweet to be able to report from. An email sent to SID Jeff Nelson on Saturday night looking for confirmation had yet to receive a reply at press time.

No real long backstory needed for this week's question: Is this the proper punishment for Issah? Should it have been more, saying that the scholarship has been revoked permanently and that Penn State doesn't need his type of player at school, considering he committed a felony? Should it have been less, still having him join the team but suspending him for a certain number of games to start the season and not allowing him to redshirt to save his freshman year? Or is it just right, with BOB hoping that he can turn around his life and welcoming him back at a later date?

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