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BREAKING: Penn State to Face Additional Sanctions

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Citing "a failure to fix its football-first culture," the NCAA has just announced an increase to the unprecedented sanction handed down to the Penn State football program in July 2012.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

It appears the unthinkable has occurred- Penn State will be handed down additional sanctions from the NCAA, according to sources very close to the situation. The new sanctions are expected to include further reductions in scholarships for at least the next five years and an extension of the postseason ban until the 2020 season.

The NCAA released a statement by Mark Emmert early this morning:

Recent incidents have made it clear that Penn State refuses to fix its football-first culture. We need to send a clear message that academics must become more of a priority. Therefore, we have been forced to intervene to make sure Penn State will begin to focus on the welfare of not only its student-athletes, but its entire student body and surrounding community."

The NCAA has scheduled a press conference for Wednesday at 9 a.m. EST to address the situation. However, sources expect the press conference to be moved up to sometime Tuesday afternoon. For more details on this emerging story, click here.