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We Are! 2013: All Gingers, All the Time: Zach Zwinak for Cover Boy

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Silly, silly Jared and bscaff.

He runs well for having no soul.
He runs well for having no soul.

I mean, I guess I get it--to some extent. Miles Dieffenbach--despite his adorable baby face--would probably eat a baby, or at least an opposing defensive tackle. And opposing quarterbacks will be having nightmares about Deion Barnes for three more years (fingers crossed).

But what is scarier and more likely to strike fear into the very hearts of our opponents than a 230 lb soulless ginger?

Who saw Zach Zwinak coming? Not I, your fearless female blogger. Not all the countless Penn State preview magazines who barely made mention of him (this won't happen with ours). Certainly not the countless linebackers and defensive backs he trucked over en route to a thousand yard rushing season.

He started the season buried on the depth chart, a four-star fullback from MD (what up!) playing behind a legacy badass. Then starting RB Bill Belton got injured...and former walk-on-turned-interim starter Derek Day followed suit. Up strode ZZ, all ginger mountain man swagger, bowling over defenders and cementing his status as the man to beat behind the QB.

Even after Belton became healthy and saw more playing time, the awesomeness that was born Zachary Thomas Zwinack could not be denied. He muscled his way to 1,000 yards on the season, only starting two thirds of 2012's games, and had an average YPC of 4.9. He also became a viable option out of the backfield for fellow member of Team Ginger Awesome Matt McGloin, snagging 177 yards on just 20 receptions. In other words, guy's got game.

I submit for evidence:

Case closed.

/drops mic.

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