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Official: Ackerman, Maduegbunam to Transfer

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Word from Penn State's SID office confirmed what CBS reported last week.


Jeff Goodman's annual summer transfer list made its debut last week, and to the surprise of some that list included two Penn Staters in sophomore Patrick Ackerman and freshman Akosa Maduegbunam. SID Brian Siegrist denied that any roster changes were official at the time, but today word came that the combo would be moving on in their basketball careers:

Pat Chambers added this statement from the official release:

"As I do every year, I talked with each of our players at end the season to evaluate where they are and to set a course for success in their future," Penn State coach Patrick Chambers said. "Patrick and Akosa have decided to seek opportunities elsewhere. First and foremost, we want what is best for our student-athletes. We thank Patrick and Akosa for their contribution to our program, wish them the very best, and will try to assist them in anyway we can."

It's certainly not a good look for Chambers to have his first ever signee at Penn State (Maduegbunam) leave after one year, but the freshman guard wasn't a part of the rotation and sat behind walk-on Kevin Montminy on the depth chart. Perhaps this is best for the program in the long run, but for now it does have a bit of a sour taste. Best of luck to both Pat and Akosa.


-We discussed last week what implications what this will have for the program going forward, but here are the cliffnotes:

-Penn State will have one open scholarship remaining for use in the class of 2013.

-If an incoming player is to play in 2013-14, he must be an incoming freshman or a graduate transfer with immediate eligibility (there are a few listed on CBS's transfer database linked above)

-If a one-year graduate transfer is signed for 2013-14, that would leave a scholarship for the class of 2014 open, where PSU is involved with a number of current high school juniors. Williamsport HS guard Isaiah Washington is currently the only committed member of that class.

-Sasa Borovnjak is still leaving and there's nothing we can do, Twitter hashtag campaigns be damned.

Here's the updated scholarship matrix:

2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017
1 Tim Frazier DJ Newbill Brandon Taylor Geno Thorpe
2 Jermaine Marshall John Johnson Donovon Jack Julian Moore
3 DJ Newbill Ross Travis Geno Thorpe Payton Banks
4 John Johnson* Jon Graham Julian Moore Graham Woodward
5 Ross Travis Brandon Taylor Payton Banks Isaiah Washington
6 Jon Graham Donovon Jack Graham Woodward
7 Brandon Taylor Geno Thorpe Isaiah Washington
8 Donovon Jack Julian Moore

9 Geno Thorpe Payton Banks
10 Julian Moore Graham Woodward

11 Payton Banks Isaiah Washington
12 Graham Woodward


Left 1 2 6 8
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman

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