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We Are! 2013: It's Physics, Brah

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Still looking for a cover to the Penn State football preview magazine? This one's easy.

Mass  X  Acceleration  =  Adrian Amos
Mass X Acceleration = Adrian Amos
Mike Pettigano

We're making this too difficult. It's actually much easier.

Mass X Acceleration = Adrian Amos

Despite being a safety, true sophomore Adrian Amos lined up at corner last year and shut fools down. Opposing QB's shied away from him, but he still led the DB's in picks, was second in PBU's, and third in total tackles. Massive, bone rattling, soul crushing hits? Team leader.

Field or boundary. Deep half or near flat. Run or pass. Doesn't matter. Amos is, simply, a football playing dude. He's a straight baller that sets the tone for the defense. Put him on the cover.

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