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BSD Mailbag 4.12.13

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Questions about Emmert's job security, We Are! 2013, WorldBFat's beard, firetrucks and more!

Ronald Martinez

If Emmeret is replaced in the next few months/summer, should PSU wait to be contacted about sanctions? If not, how long should PSU wait before initiating first contact? Or should they wait to see if the new leadership tries to settle lawsuits? -psualum9931

It does seem like the end is nigh for Mark Emmert. He's become a lightening rod for controversy every time he is seen or heard in public. Plus, he's going out of his way to stick it to the press, which is always a bad idea for a public figure. However, this is the NCAA. If we were talking about any other organization in the united States, you bet your last buck he's on the way out. With the NCAA, you're dealing with a unique set of dysfunction, so Emmert could either be canned later today, or still be running the show in 20 years for all we know.

If there is an overhaul of the NCAA leadership, I would imagine every program imposed with sanctions will reach out to the NCAA immediately to request its situation be reevaluated. Remember, Penn State isn't involved with the lawsuits against the NCAA, and seems to be doing whatever it can to distance itself from any ongoing legal action. Basically, I don't think anyone has the slightest clue right now since we're dealing with two parties that are so dysfunctional and unpredictable.

What happens if the kickstarter goal is not reached? Is the magazine project abandoned (I hope not)? Please describe what, if any, fallback plan there is. -PSU_Lions_84

We are still quite short of our goal, but we have no plans on abandoning our efforts. Most of you probably don't know this, but everyone involved with the magazine has been hard at work to get all of the content prepared since we have a tight printing deadline, should we meet our fundraising goal. I know I'm biased, but I can tell you everything has looked incredible. If this happens, this will be a fantastic preview magazine filled with 100-plus pages of content, all focused on the Nittany Lions.

We will regroup and explore our options early next week, so this weekend is extremely crucial if this magazine is going to happen. Make sure to help spread the word by liking the Facebook page and sharing our posts with your networks.

Are we supposed to ask here? -Paige2PSU

Sure. Or email them to

Is it really the motion of the ocean? -MainLion

Sorry, you're going to have to ask someone who needs to make excuses in that area.

We can't rec our own posts (fair enough), but we can flag our own posts. What's up with that? -WorldBFat

That's designed just for you, so that we know you're really sorry whenever you cross a line. And for anyone who needs to atone after some #drunj posting on our site.

How long should I let my beard get? -WorldBFat

That depends on your wife's/significant other's feelings about facial hair. You don't want them to shy away from your handsome mug. If they're cool with it, I say let it grow to ZZ Top proportions, and then dye it blue and white this fall.

What color is a red firetruck? -misdreavus79

Come on now, if you're a Penn Stater you should know this. Now, if this were an Ohio State blog...

That's a wrap for today. Submit your questions for next week in the comments or by emailing

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