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MMQB: Multiply Questioning Week

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Actually, just two quick questions this week because I forgot all about this and have two weather models running that need attended to. So without further ado...

1. I'm sure you saw that Tiger Woods was penalized two strokes at the Masters on Saturday morning after a viewer called in a bad drop that Woods took during his second round on Friday. WUT?

I wish I had Memorial Stadium's box number when Matt Lehman's ball crossed the plane of the goal-line this past season.

Question 1: Which previous sports play in history, Penn State-related or not, would you call in and have referees take a second look at?

2. Ohio State moved their spring game to Cincinnati's Paul Brown Stadium this year and drew less of a crowd than Kentucky. Ohio State has not recruited Cincy well over the past few years and it's thought that Urban Meyer and the athletic department took the game there for a bit more exposure.

Question 2: Would you like to see Penn State play its spring game outside of Beaver Stadium and, if so, where would you want to see it go?

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