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Black Shoe Podcast 4.0 - Blue/White Weekend

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The podcast is back in its 4th iteration, featuring two new co-hosts!


Version 4.0 of the Black Shoe Podcast comes home on the eve of the most wonderful time of the spring - Blue/White Weekend in State College! I'm back and hosting this thing now, and I've brought along two new co-hosts - Cari Greene and Dan Vecellio.

This week's conversation includes -

  • Discussion on the Mike (p)Rice situation at Rutgers, as I refer to him several times accidentally as Alabama's most famous head coach
  • The Zayd Issah situation, as the three of us wonder aloud how to properly pronounce his name (SPOILER ALERT: it appears to be "Z-aide"), and discuss whether Bill O'Brien made the right decision on the young linebacker prospect's future with the Nits
  • What to look forward to now that the coaching staff has a full year under its belt together, and how much we'll miss Graham Spani Ted Roof.
  • Previewing this year's Blue/White Game. Dan and I are looking forward to lots of different things; Cari's super excited about the punters.
PLUS! Cari's hungover (see, we won't miss Jeff that much) and provides a...special introduction ("heyyyyyyyyyyyyy."), Dan's in Lubbock, I'm actually NOT surrounded by sirens emanating from the streets of Brooklyn, and we have some FAN-tastic music to play us out!

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