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Blue-White Game To See Heightened Security

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In response to the bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday, Penn State is taking extra safety precautions this weekend.

Justin K. Aller

According to a news release sent out on Tuesday afternoon, Penn State and Beaver Stadium officials will not allow anyone to bring bags, backpacks or purses into the facility for the spring practice on Saturday afternoon in response to heightened security brought about by the attacks on the Boston Marathon on Monday.

There were be an increased presence of officers for the weekend as planned by Penn State, the Pennsylvania State Police and the local office of the FBI. More from the release:

Anyone with a medical need to carry a bag should place their medical supplies in a clear, 1 gallon, zip-close style plastic bag. Parents with a need to carry diapers and wipes also may place their supplies in a clear, 1-gallon, zip-close style plastic bag so the contents are visible.

The full news release can be found here. You can find details on all the events going on this weekend here.

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