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Success with Hyperlinking is Quitting

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Your semi-weekly links roundup. Links...Links everywhere.

I spared you another disgusting pic of  Mark Emmert.  You're welcome.
I spared you another disgusting pic of Mark Emmert. You're welcome.
Joe Robbins

IT news

I'll just get this out of the way now.

Judge Thomas Gavin said McQueary's lawsuit makes sufficient claims of "outrageous conduct" on the part of the school to keep the case alive. He gave the school 20 days to respond to the lawsuit filed in October.


The judge said McQueary asserts the university "treated him like a leper to be quarantined outside of State College" in the aftermath of the arrests of Sandusky, Schultz and Curley.

That's about all you need to know about that.


Lots of good stuff out there of course if you missed any of Cari's great previews you should be tarred and feathered can find them here (Offense) and here (Special Teams), but there's plenty of non-BSD Nit news.

-Eric Shrive has been a utility man (sort of) bouncing between guard and tackle on both sides of the line, could his senior season be the place he finds a permanent home?

-The Lancaster Online gives you their players to watch for in the Blue-White game. There's this little nugget:

Running backs Bill Belton and Akeel Lynch: As good as Zwinak was a year ago, he's about 15 pounds heavier now, and not a breakaway guy.

Zack Zwinak with 15 pounds of added muscle? Yes. A thousand times yes. I just got a bruise writing that.

-Although Kyle Carter isn't participating in the spring game, the Post-Gazette says if he had to play a game now he could.

-Victory Bell Rings gives you which freshmen to watch out for. talks about the friendly rivalry brewing in practice between "Supa Six" players Adrian Amos and Allen Robinson. Who wins? Spoiler alert: we do.

This could catch on

Tired of the NCAA? The Georgian college of Spelman did something about it. They dropped out and moved their $1 million previously budgeted for sports into a wellness program for their students (they call it "Wellness Revolution") that includes exercise classes, nutrition counseling, and intramurals. Here's your money quote:

Our great nation was just inundated with the Caligula-worthy circus that is the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament. College kids who won't see a classroom for weeks perform hard, physical labor (for free, at least as far as the IRS knows) on behalf of an American audience that doesn't give a rat's ass whether players can read so long as they convert some timely threes, cover the spread and bust someone else's bracket.


In scores of other games

Football Study Hall attempts to model the 2013 Big Ten season. Everyone knows Tim Tebow sucks. Everyone except his QB trainer who things Tebow's problems stem from a nefarious ploy on behalf of the Denver Broncos to sabatoge Tebow's career and one of their opponets by sending him to the Jets. I'm not kidding, I couldn't make that up if I wanted to. Finally, I'll just leave you with this:

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