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BSD Mailbag 4.19.13

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The dude in the middle is how I imagine WBF in college.
The dude in the middle is how I imagine WBF in college.
Patrick Smith

Boy, this week is sure boring, as very few people asked questions. If you guys aren't careful, I'm going to start asking myself questions...or, worse, have Bill ask me questions.

Onto the real ones:

Smee asks: Why does the government allow mortgages to be amortized the way they are?

...I have no idea. /something about government corruption OH WAIT NO POLITICS

WBF asks something inappropriate about my mother, who is awesome and in no way deserves this ridicule.

Seriously, my mother is great. She is the reason I love football and wrestling. All women should have such wonderful sports spectating role models.

Speedomike asks: What is your favorite quadrilateral?

A trapezoid. Because it's fun to say. And I'm not square.

Did I mention my mom teaches geometry? She really is pretty awesome.

84 asks: Regardless of which way you pick up a package, why does the end facing you ALWAYS say "open other end"? And a follow up: why does it matter?

Just to piss you off. And just to piss you off. Glad to see it's working!

Also, I think it's the same reason why the one thing you're looking for is always in the last possible drawer you could check. Because that's the way the world works.

MainLion asks: How many degrees of consanguinity before dating a relative is socially acceptable?

All of them.

A few BSD side notes:

Look for some more info on our kickstarter coming soon...and a special thanks to everyone who's already donated.

We haven't spent much time on here on them, but our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Boston and West, TX this week.

I'll be tailgating with some greats this weekend, and if you want to meet me and ask me questions about (practically) anything in person on Saturday, I'll be here. This includes questions and answers about We Are! 2013 to your heart's content.

And join us on Facebook
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