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BSD Mailbag 4.26.2013

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You've got questions? BSD has answers.

Bruce Bennett

What is the possibility we see more than one QB in games this year? -psualum9931

JS: This question was asked before the transfer of Steven Bench, but certainly still applies now that Penn State has zero experience at the quarterback position heading into 2013. O'Brien has mentioned several times he prefers to stick with one QB, which I think will happen for the most part whether it be Ferguson or Hackenberg. However, I'm sure BO'B is smart enough to realize that sometimes it's not your day, so I wouldn't be shocked to see the eventual starter get pulled if he can't get his act together in a certain game. If this is the case, I'd expect it to be more of a one-time thing rather than a full-blown quarterback controversy. BO'B will need to be patient with the starter, as it will either be someone making the transition from JUCO to the Big Ten, or someone who has yet to attend his Senior Prom. Forcing one of those guys to try to perform at a high-level while constantly looking over their shoulder is a recipe for disaster.

While you see player defections every year after the spring games because players see the writing on the wall that they are just not going to be a big part of the plan in the fall, are there any concerns for certain players that may look to leave after the B-W game, especially in light of the PSU free agency rule currently in place and considering depth issues? -scrlion

Again, this question was asked before the defection of Bench, so that kind of gives you an answer. It sounds as though BO'B has been meeting with the players to discuss their standing in the classroom and on the field, and so far Bench is the only one that decided he didn't fit at Penn State. There are a few players that could move on and see more playing time immediately, but without naming names, those players have been very public regarding their support of Penn State and desire to stay. At this point, I'd be shocked to see anyone with a starting job locked down to take off in the summer like we witnessed last year.

What time is it? And a follow-up, does Michigan still suck? -Mifflin Streak

It's 10:31 p.m., and yes, Michigan still sucks.
Favorite comedian? And favorite joke said by favorite comedian? -Success With Honor Always

I'd hate to jump on the bandwagon, but no one has been able to make me laugh like Louis C.K. I'm not sure this is the appropriate place to tell my favorite Louis C.K. joke, but I did caught his newest special, Oh My God, and it did not disappoint. This summer will not be the same without another season of Louie.

Why won't you jerks answer my questions? - WorldBFat

I think about half of these mailbag posts have been devoted to your questions. Plus, we don't like you. Ok, we really, really like you.

Can we blame the U.S. obesity problem on WorldBFat? -scrlion

It's 10% a lack of physical activity and poor diet, and 90% WBF's fault for being a poor role model.

Have you ever teapotted? -psualum9931

Not yet, but I'm looking into some pottery classes this summer. Perhaps we can discuss our favorite teapotting techniques sometime soon?

Why would I pose a question when all of my wondering are met within normal weekly posts?

I take this is a compliment that our coverage is so thorough. If anything happens to slip through the cracks, here's your place to ask away.

And, when is the appropriate time to tell my mother-in-law that she has overstayed her welcome in the delivery room? Seriously. Knit elsewhere please (It’s not that bad…but it could get there). -Nittany Sea Lion

I'm not touching this one. I've already got one mother-in-law to deal with, and don't need another chasing me and throwing stuffed cabbages at my head for giving you bad advice.

Do we need more cowbell? -scrlion

If you have a fever, you should know the only prescription is more cowbell.

Are Schweddy Balls as tasty as claimed? -scrlion

From what I understand, no one can resist Scweddy Balls. These dusty muffins are quite tasty too.