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An Update On Matt McGloin's NFL Dream

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Black Shoe Diaries talked with McGloin's agent on Monday night and was provided an update on his status.

Hunter Martin

I spoke with Matt McGloin’s agent, Mark Magazu of the New York-based sports agency Atlas Strategies, on Monday night regarding a tweet that Matt sent out about being in a rookie camp come Thursday. This is all of the information that Mr. Magazu was able to make available to the press.

  • Matt was offered a free agent contract on Saturday after the draft, but as a policy Atlas Strategies advises its clients that unless an undrafted contract is with an optimal team, they prefer to take 72 hours to let a market develop. As of 10:00 p.m. on Monday night, Matt was evaluating opportunities with six teams who had called him since Saturday. As per his tweet, Matt knows he'll be in rookie camp come Thursday this week, but until a final decision is announced by an NFL team, they respectfully decline to discuss. It's expected that a formal announcement should come Tuesday but Matt's agent explained that it could take time.
  • Bill O'Brien was a champion for Matt's cause and was very enthusiastic in support and outreach for McGloin’s NFL dream according to Magazu. Black Shoe Diaries was told that Coach O'Brien made extraordinary efforts to support his quarterback including a personal plea to colleagues in the league that Matt deserves a chance to earn a roster spot.
  • It might have seemed like a small gesture at the time, but the letter penned by McGloin that Black Shoe Diaries first published back in March made a huge impact with NFL teams. In fact, it reached some of the highest ranks of the NFL as New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick sent Matt a personal email lauding the article and wishing him the best in his future. Neither Matt nor his agent would go on the record with the content of that email but both said it was inspiring and encouraging to Matt on a personal level. The article was picked up from Black Shoe Diaries and made into a feature by Yahoo! Sports called Dream Chasers.

Once again, we here at BSD wish Matt the best of luck and once he does sign with a team, we will bring you an update.

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