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Penn State Offers Comment On Najjar Email, Contends Sanctions Were Safest Option

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Once again, the school reiterates that the death penalty was a very real option.

Patrick Smith

In response to today's story from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel which included emails from former NCAA enforcement director Ameen Najjar saying that Penn State president Rodney Erickson "sold Penn State down the river", Penn State spokesman David LaTorre offered comment to

It's disappointing the university has to comment on a statement from a former NCAA investigator to the subject of his investigation. This investigator was not involved in any discussions involving Penn State and the NCAA. Throughout all of this, Penn State President Rodney Erickson has been consistent in his account. Faced with the very real threat of the death penalty, as expressly acknowledged by the NCAA in the consent decree, he was left with no choice but to sign the consent decree. It was one of the most difficult things he has had to do in his 36 years of service to Penn State University.

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