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Matt McGloin Accepts Invite To Camp From The Washington Redskins

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He'll begin rookie camp on Thursday.

Hunter Martin

The wait for the former Penn State gunslinger is over as Matt McGloin announced on his Twitter account a little while ago that he would start his NFL career in the nation's capital with the Washington Redskins. A text from his agent also confirmed the news. We reported last night that McGloin was considering offers from six different teams and it appears that he made his decision this morning.

Below is a statement from McGloin's representation:

Scranton, PA – Penn State record-setting quarterback Matt McGloin will attend mini camp with the Washington Redskins this coming weekend. He will work to earn a contract and a roster spot for Training Camp with his performance this weekend.

"Matt was honored to receive so many invitations following the draft, with 8 teams calling to bring him in," said Mark Magazu, agent for McGloin and President of Atlas Strategies. "For this weekend’s mini camp, he’s chosen the Redskins because he admires the organization and the way they develop quarterbacks in that system."

If McGloin is not offered a contract following the Redskins mini camp, he will attend camp next weekend with another team.

"Matt is entirely focused on his opportunity with the Redskins, and we’ll cross next week’s bridge when we get there – and only if we have to. Matt really wants to become a Redskin and it’s his total mission and focus right now," said Magazu.

McGloin was offered an undrafted rookie contract following the draft, but respectfully declined.

"Matt was grateful for the offer, but the team had clearly established quarterbacks at all levels which would have made pathways difficult for Matt to catch on," said Magazu. "It was a gamble, but we think a wise one. Our goal is to help Matt find opportunities that provide clear and plausible pathways for success with an NFL team."

McGloin had the following comment: "For the next few days, I’m a Washington Redskin. And right now my mission is to prove that I can contribute and hopefully be a Redskin next week, then next month, and fight to earn a spot on the team for the season. This is what I’ve fought my entire life to earn, and I’m going to make the most of it."

Congratulations, Matt and all the other Penn Staters starting off their professional football careers!

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