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Success With Hyperlinking Is Wearing a $4,000 Suit

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GUYS ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT along with the usual links and stuff from PSU and beyond

He just doesn't look right without Franklin at his side, amirite?
He just doesn't look right without Franklin at his side, amirite?
Harry How
  • Normally, I'd start this thing off with a ton of PSU news, but the most important news since Osama Bin Laden's death came across my Twitter feed this morning: the return date for Arrested Development. It has been announced that 15 episodes will be put on Netflix on May 26. So don't make a huge mistake; get your bees ready, make sure you blue yourself properly and do the chicken dance, because we now know when AD is back. COME ON.
  • Matt over at VBR had a pretty interesting idea yesterday, what would happen if college football had a trade deadline? Matt thought PSU would try to trade for a QB (he said Tommy Rees, so feel free to attack him mercilessly) or a linebacker. I think this is an awesome idea, mostly because in this world there is no Mark Emmert (we'll get to this in a second). Of course, the downside is Saban would ABSOLUTELY win the trade deadline every year. This is your weekly reminder that "Saban" and "Satan" are off by one letter. #AndWhiskey
  • Your weekly "Emmert is a Douche" update: See here and here and here and here and here.
  • Anthony Midget appears to be doing the damn thing in the defensive backfield. Even though he's taking over for John Butler, Midget is basically the same dude: fiery, passionate, energetic (he said so himself). He also has a pretty solid pedigree (All-American at Va Tech playin' BEAMER BALL HOO BOY LOOG AT DAT DEFENSE N SPECIAL TEAMS YEEEEHAAAAWWWW) and was going to be coaching at Marshall until Billy called him up and offered him a job. HOT COMMODITIES FTW.
  • Bob Costas has been pretty critical of the Freeh Report as of late, we know this. You may have seen this in an earlier Fanshot, but his new thing is that he's going to be hosting a show that looks to reexamine the Free Report and its contents. I really don't need to tell you guys how important it is to have Bob Costas, one of the most powerful and influential men in sports, saying, "hey, let's take a second look at this."
  • We need your monies halp.
  • John Ziegler is going to be screening his "Framing of Joe Paterno" documentary at several locations. Well, not really. Ziggy will be at the events in So Cal and State College, but will miss the events in West Chester and Lehigh Valley. Franco will be there. So if you wanna watch, go wild.
  • "nao dat mik rise is fiurd @ rutgurrrrrz al dat neds 2 hapin iz psu neds 2 #FiurChambers n al da bad koachiz in da b1g wil b gon." -- A dumb person, both because their ability to speak English is horrendous and because anyone who thinks Chambers is a bad coach doesn't know how basketball works.
  • OTHER STUFF: The Spring Commencement speakers were announced (or, if you're in the college of Liberal Arts, not announced, kinda)...Urban Gaming seems awesome...Some PSU students messed around and made a pretty good NFL Draft preview show...Penn State wants to go to the moon...Marshall Henderson continues to be just fantastic...DeShaun Thomas: Non-Revenue Champion...I hate this person...POWWOW...A Pitino is coming to the Big Ten, so we should start working on our "fifteen seconds" jokes now...Auburn is in trouble, WAR EAGLE...I couldn't get this video of O-Town singing "All Or Nothing" into Pickin' Nits last week, so, yeah...Same with this video of Hanson singing "Mmmbop"...People still think Carmelo Anthony should be MVP over LeBron, and these people are not smart.
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